While Game may have his own residency on VH1 with Marrying The Game, he may not be to fond of what’s going on over at Love & Hip Hop: NYC. In the latest issue of The Source Magazine, Mr. Taylor expresses why you won’t see him on the series, his disdain for the sho and the participants included, except for Joe Budden. See the excerpt, below.

Love and Hip Hop? I don’t need to go backwards. You know what, ATL is pretty fucking good, you got to admit. But the NYC one, man, I don’t fucking know about that. Me and Joe Budden squashed our beef, it was a long time ago. Now thats like my homie, but that fucking NY one is a bunch of basic bitches on TV. I don’t know what makes them bitches Hip-Hop? Like nobody on that motherfucker, besides Joe is Hip-Hop.