Avatar Darko is back with a vengeance for the second installment of his Soviet Goonion series. Pushing the boundaries of its predecessor, the record is full of his unapologetic depiction of vampy women, illicit drugs, and recklessly thuggish way of life. Balancing out the ignorance, the introspection at the end exemplifies a candid ability to express humility and capture the rare emotion missing in a lot of today’s rappers. Throughout the project, there is an exotic flair to the sounds, with his 15 year old Ukrainian protege Dirtbag Dexter providing most of the beats in addition to Taylor Gang’s Sledgren & Cardo, V Don, and Billionaire Boyscout. Features are minimal, but include Nacho Picasso, Thurz, Kris Kasanova, and Jarell Perry. Once again, Avatar has teamed up with visual assassin/streetwear pioneer Ruslan Karablin of SSUR and Caviar Cartel for the exclusive hand drawn artwork depicting the Russian lifestyle and lavishly dangerous attitude embellished in the culture.

Stream/download Soviet Goonion 2 below.