Mr. Thorton has ALWAYS prided himself on keeping his feet planted in the streets, no matter what city or hood. So when it came to Pusha recognizing the untapped talent in his hometown AND throughout the country, it’s pretty easy to see the GOOD Music Goon knows what he’s talking about. In an interview with BoBo, Pusha talks his collaboration with Kevin Gates and even shows praise to Brooklyn spitter, Troy Ave. Check out the excerpt, below!

Yo, y’all gotta stop calling that man Fake Future, y’all gotta really go down to that Bayou man! 1500 deep, sold out! Like, stop playing! [Laughs] For me, it’s not always all about the name. You know, nothing towards Future, Future’s hot, Future’s doing his thing. But there are other people who are hot and Kevin Gates is one of them. I appreciate what he did for me on the mixtape and like I said man, get in tune. I think I threw a lot of gems out there, as far as people you may know, people you may not know. Kevin Gates, you may not know, but you better get in tune with him. I don’t be wrong! Troy Ave, get in tune! I don’t be wrong!