Clifford Harris IS the trap. The King of the South understands that imitation is highest form of flattery and ism’t really concerned with artists claiming the trap sound while he was locked away in the big house. Tip explained during his Source Magazine cover story that he’s aware of folks biting his style but is also above acknowledging any of it. He then goes into detail about how is early work, Trap Muzik contributed to the acceptance of “Trap music.”

I mean, I hear that, but I’m never gonna be the old cat who’s jumping up and down in the party talking about, ‘Yeah, this sucka’s bitting my style.’ Yeah, I ain’t gonna do that. You know what? I don’t even necessarily need any acknowledgement or to be thanked or any of that. I know myself that before me there was no trap music. It was no real acceptable music- talkin’ about crack and sellin’ dope and doin’ shit the way I was doin it. It wasn’t considered mainstream or it wasn’t accepted the way it is now. I think Trap Muzik, the album, it definitely contributed to that being a possibility. Whether or not they acknowledge that, I could careless, man. At the end of the day, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

RESPECT: The Source