Alison Fensterstock from caught up with Lil Wayne as he promoted his Trukfit clothing line at Macy’s store in Lakeside Shopping Center in Metarie, Louisiana. Tunechi spoke on his new album cover, a woman Trukfit line in the works, guest producers on the album and much more. I Am Not A Human Being II drops soon. More under the jump.


On the artwork:

[Kanye] said, you know, man, let me do your cover. I saw the cover and I approved it. He had an explanation behind it – he said, he chose the moth butterfly thing because it has so many different stages of life, and it goes through so many forms and changes, and no one can figure it out, and it’s always beautiful. At a time it’s ugly and at a time it’s beautiful too. And that’s me.”

On producers on the album:

“I have a lot of guests on the album. That’s what’s unusual about the album. I’m usually a two or three feature-type guy. But this album, I have a lot of features because I have a lot of friends, a lot of people that wanted to help out. I just appreciate them all. And I have a lot of different production on it too. I got Juicy J, David Banner, Soulja Boy – and that’s the production.”