I’m going to get straight to it ladies and gents: It’s been rough journey. Life changing/career changing rough. See the thing is when I’m ready to divulge (not entirely) into my hardships? I do. But the other thing is, I don’t vent/rant without providing a the outcome in which is pretty much positive %98 of the time, you know? What do I look like steady complaining about hardships and just walking off in the sunset like “Poor me, I’m going through a tough time”, right? That aint cool lol.

But this “Dear Reader” isn’t about the start off a bad time. Nor is it about telling you how I’m flying through bluer skies…..nah. This post is about keeping your composure DURING that rough patch. How do you respond to your friends, family, workers, GF/BF, strangers. Do you throw shade to them because YOU made a mistake? Because things didn’t go out as you planned it to go? Whose fault is it REALLY that you’re in this situation? If you can’t point the finger at ANYONE but yourself? You better keep that funky attitude under your own roof. That’s called “KEEPING YOUR COMPOSURE.”

Even when you’re in the comfort of your OWN home, that composure needs to be kept quietly in your back fucking pocket. Going through some of the things I’ve gone through, that’s how I’ve learned to deal with things and people: Keep cool because it ain’t no ones fault but yours. Now of course you can look at certain people and semi-point the finger, but it’s a majority your fault you didn’t realize things wouldn’t work out. No, that doesn’t mean you spazz on them at all. It simply means keep your composure and figure out a way to make things right for YOU.

Some people will go through shit and take it out on everyone in sight. Attitudes, snarky remarks, silence (even though I do the silence, but that’s just me at times). And then be all happy when the smoke clears and things are back to normal. Nah playboy, that shit is wack. If you KNOW your ass is going through something but you can’t deal with it in public because it’s that bad? Keep your ass at home. Go to work, put your headphones on and keep clear of people. But since life isn’t ALWAYS worked out the way we want it to go? I suggest you develop ideas on how to keep your composure. I strongly suggest it. You can’t be in a certain business without containing that composure when shit hits the fan.

I don’t want to get all preachy preachy on you during the middle of the day, but do understand if you’re going through a rough patch? It always could be worse. There’s something positive to be taken from whatever you’re going through right now. And whatever you’re going through nothing is permanent so keeping the composure is key. God is looking at you RIGHT now and waiting for you to SNAP so he can take that blessing away from you. I’m telling you off of experience ladies and gents. So when you have a moment, look up in the sky and quietly mumble “I’m cool, my G.” Trust me, IT WORKS lol.

I’m gone.