With the emergence of Troy Ave onto the music scene, there’s has been a instant resurgence of Consistent Quality Street Music. This is evident with Projects like the critically acclaimed “Bricks In My Backpack 3” series and most recently “White Christmas” we haven’t seen this type of Energy & Hype behind a New York City based artist of this pedigree since quite possibly 50 cent. So carrying on with the tradition of the Ones who proceeded him ie; O’3 G-Unit & Dipset Days, when they would feed/flood the streets with countless Mixtapes on what seemed like a monthly basis. Troy Ave presents to us all “the B$B.” (Brick Star Boyz) which consist mainly of Avon Blocksdale , King Sevin & of course the wizard Harry Powder himself Troy Ave. “I basically had a lot of people/rappers hollering at me to get down with my crew which is called the B$B. but I’m like man this ain’t no rap group, I’m the only 1 who raps. B$B. is about street shit, street bizness etc and we don’t trust outsiders. But seeing as how I would shout out and represent in my songs I guess people took it as a rap click, so instead of me welcoming in outsiders who may be fraudulent in they raps or have a shakey history in which can all come back 2 kill my credibility and everything I built, I figured why dont I jus have my n!ggaz start rappin. I mean shit they on stage with me anyway & I know they story, I know they solid gold and I know they gon represent this shit the right way. And so that’s what I did. And to be honest im impressed with how quickly they picked up on it. With that being said it was only right that I showed the world what I was impressed with” Ave and his B$B. counterparts began to record the 1st of a Mixtape series which is simply self titled as “B$B” the Mixtapes will drop on the 1st or 15th or every month signifying in the busiest times of the month for hustlers! This presentation includes original production from “PETE ROCK, THA BIZNESS, JOHN SCINO, as well as others and the Always Classic Troy Ave KEYMiXES. So without further a do, TROY AVE presents the BSB. vol 1

DOWNLOAD: Mixtape: Troy Ave Presents The BSB Mixtape Vol.1