Pepsi put together this COOL initiative up over on their site called “Songs That Should Be Movies.” The first artist they chose was Drake for “5AM In Toronto.” They suggested the Boi-1da produced track should be an action film. Pretty dope. Check out the synopsis for Drake’s “5AM In Toronto”, below.  Check the rest of their picks, here! 

This is one of those real-time movies, in which everything happens in the span of one hour, during the drawn-out minutes from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. Think the TV series, 24, with a rapper protagonist.
Movie scene: Drake wakes up to a phone call, it’s Rihanna, and she’s in trouble on West King Street. Drake grabs his white fur coat, jumps in his white Lambo, and we follow him through a series of high speed car chases and run-ins with Toronto police, club-goers from University of Toronto, and a host of strangers in the night. The final scene captures Drake and Chris Brown at the base of a massive billboard where Rihanna hangs by a flimsy painter’s cable. It’s the ultimate showdown for her love. Who will prevail? You already know, it’s Drake, featuring Drake.