In an industry where radio is important AND it isn’t, choosing one of these features could be very crucial for your FIRST official introduction to the game. On one hand, a Sherbert feature could place you directly in front of HIS female fan base along with heavy rotation on urban radio outlets and an assortment of Pop stations too since he’s probably being deemed as the friendlier side of hip-hop. His endorsement deals will probably pay a smidge of attention to who he’s co-signing and judging how well the song does, Drake may even contemplate bringing you into the OVO hut. But with this #NoNewFriends movement, that’s highly unlikely. Though Drake is VERY finicky about who he stands next to in regards to anything so this could be a major statement for said artist OUTSIDE the music.

And then we have Kendrick Lamar, hip-hop’s brightest star at the moment who created 2012’s best piece of rap work. Oh and it was his OFFICIAL debut, just wanted to throw that out there. Aside from that, holding your own with Kendrick Lamar could prove to fans and critics that said artist is ready to lyrically toy around with the greats. Radio play might not be big since Kendrick was never really a HEAVY radio hitter. Even his collaboration with Drake, “Poetic Justice” only peaked at 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. His lead single and fan favorite, “Swimming Pools” only caught a #17 slot. However, Kendrick’s presence and influence in the game right now is impeccable. The kid hits EVERY festival stage throughout the world so that could mean surprise performances from said artist.

This is just me spit balling random facts right now BUT I think you can see where I’m going. So with said facts given and your own applied knowledge, if YOU were a new artist and had the ability to put either one one of these guys on your first official single, who would it be? VOTE!