A celebrity is a person who has a prominent profile and commands some degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media. The term is often synonymous with wealth (commonly denoted as a person with fame and fortune), implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the general public.

Hey Kanye West, THAT’S YOU! Over time, we’ve seen you climb from the bottom of SEVERAL different public and social totem poles, BANG on your chest once you’ve reached those top platforms and celebrate in various ways because you earned those respectful positions. Musically, you’ve changed the sound, the rhetoric and perspective of what hip-hop was and what it will be when if and when that crumb snatcher of yours decides to make music. Though I’m not a big “Fashion” fella, those envelopes and lines have been pushed and crossed as well. Can’t say I agree with all your “looks” and outfits, but you’re at LEAST bold enough to attempt to venture in a lane that some of your hip-hop cohorts aren’t.

You dropped out of college simply because YOU wanted to show the world it was ok to pursue YOUR dreams and not fall into the trappings of society’s academic/career standards and settings. You thought it was asinine for someone to tell YOU what you had to be when you grew up. YOU were the one that made it ok for people who were confused about so many things in life to express themselves when they felt the need to. And for that, the WORLD gravitated to you and yours.

Now since I haven’t been living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, I’d say these pitfalls, milestones and memorable moments (you have WAY to many of them to name) have made you into the man you are today. Some were great. Some were heartbreaking. Some were absurd. Some were astronomical. Those aren’t the type of things that go unnoticed. The things YOU went through? Many folks would have crashed and burned out. But not Mr. West….Oh no no. Mr. West took adversity, strapped it to his back for the WORLD to see and carried it around like a father with his daughter in the park.

You go left when the world goes right. The sky is blue, but you’re convinced it’s red with Gold lining. Not only do you think these things outloud, but you convey it through your art in such a way that a bunch of us couldn’t fathom it was possible. This isn’t a gas session, sir…just reminding you of a couple things. Follow me.

The influence you have on said society is insane. I think at times, it’s more than you can grasp and/or handle. And at times, it’s a burden to you. But it was you that placed this burden in your lap. You made the great music that summoned the company of other great musicians so they could make even GREATER music with you. You wanted to be the “voice” for said society because the norm was just that, “Normal.” Normal makes you sick, doesn’t it. I can tell.

When your mother died, it was heartbreaking to the world because we KNEW how much you loved that woman. We knew the rock she was in your life. We knew what you told us, but it also seemed like we knew it all. I’m pretty sure we didn’t. I can tell you first hand that if something happened to Mama LowKey? I don’t even want to go there. We celebrated how you overcame that time in your life because you proved to us that in the hardest times, there’s STILL reason to go on.

With that pain, you shined through in your music; AGAIN. You once again proved to your culture AND the world why you are one of the GREATEST artists to ever hit this earth. But again, this is a choice YOU made. The artists that influence you? You’ve SEEN their lifes outside the music. You KNEW the pressure greatness brought in someones life, but you pursued it anyway.

Did you really think breaking barriers and pushing the envelopes that you pushed wouldn’t make you “popular?” Did you really think your accolades wouldn’t get you recognized? Did you really think all these things would go unnoticed and that you would be able to handcraft great music and NO ONE would praise you for it. Hell, I’m not even going to DISCUSS the “negative” shit you’ve gotten yourself into because we might be here all day with that. But let it be CRYSTAL clear, the things people praise YOU for? Are the things you worked hard on so the people WOULD praise you. Because if you’re just making this DOPE shit for yourself and want no recognition? Keep that June 18th shit for yourslef, BREH.

Sidebar: Incase you were wondering why I wrote this lol.

*Maury Povich voice* Kanye West, you ARE a celebrity.