Just so we’re clear, Lenny S is the guy on the right hand side. Cool? Ok, let’s get on with the program.

If you’re not up to date on Lenny’s accolades and involvement within hip-hop, Roc-A-Fella Records specifically, mosey on over to this post because I’m not about to ramble off a one sheet about this guy right now. Today what we are here for is the next installment to my new series, #Witness. It originally started over on LebronJames.com, but I decided it would live better under the UHTN roof. It’s original format was a written one, but I remembered back to my BET days that transcribing interviews was ONE of the reasons why I hated that place. I digress. And since Lenny is toooo lazy to type out his entry, although DJ Skee pretty much wrote a book for his but it wasn’t easy tracking him down for it, I decided to go meet with Lenny and record his entry on my iPhone (Yeah, I just got one about 2 months ago. WHATEVER!)

Lenny told me two stories: The first one is what you’re about to read. And the second one was about the Madison Square Garden mishap with Jay’s former BFF, R.Kelly (refer here for the back story because again, I’m not telling it.). This story, to me at least, is a hidden gem as it highlights the final days of Jay’s The Dynasty¬†album. Lenny explains to us how a certain single was switched out at the VERY last minute for a classic record that is STILL played in the clubs to this very day. Hell, you probably heard it last night. Again, so many gems in this story so I advise you to put 7 minutes aside for some dope story telling. Listen to Lenny S’ #Witness entry, below!