Oh the year in hip-hop that is 2013 just keeps on getting more interesting by the minute. By now, I’m sure you’ve been made aware that Drake has “removed” Future Vandross from his Would You Like A Tour due to Future’s colorful opinion of Aubrey’s recent release of Nothing Was The Same. During an exclusive interview with BillBoard.com, Future expressed that while Drake’s 3rd solo release is “full of hits”, the tunes don’t grab the consumer.

Shortly after the interview hit the eStreets, the Free Bandz Bandit took to Twitter to clarify that he was misquoted by the publication and that he always has love for Drizzy. Later on, the quotes were removed from the article as it sent the hip-hop world into a frenzy where folks questioned why Future would make such bold comments RIGHT before the start of the tour.

In a surprising, but not so surprising move, Drake then removed Future from the tour but offered to bring back the rap crooner . The the two couldn’t come to an agreement in regards to compensation as Drake suggested Future receive a pay cut for his slot. As of this weekend, according to Page Six, Future has removed himself from the excursion that begins this Friday in Pittsburgh.

*Let’s out deep sigh*

Now that we’ve gotten that squared away (I mean from my understanding), I pose the question to all of you: Was Drake right for pulling Future from the tour in the first place? Granted, Aubrey attempted to make things right by giving Future another shot, he did demand Future receive a pay cut which to ME looks like a slap on the wrist for going against the grain publicly. Opinions are obviously welcomed in this day and age of hip-hop. Hell, they are marveled in some cases, but some things have to be positioned a little bit smarter and better, no? Put it like this, if DJ Envy BROUGHT me onto The Breakfast Club and I did an interview with Sway In The Morning about my new job and I said, “Envy just doesn’t connect with the people like I do.” And again, he BROUGHT me to the table? He has every RIGHT to pull the plug.

In this case, Future might have gotten a little to bold at the wrong time. Whether or not these comments were made off the record, they were made which easily could be “leaked” or used as leverage at some point (hey, you never know in this industry). But on the other side of the pillow, Drake is known for taking things harder than others, correct? Calling Kendrick’s comments “harsh” is the recent example of Drake’s sensitive woes. However, I do side with Drake on his decision seeing that he’s HANDING Future an oppourtunity to further your career and expand your fanbase. Let’s not forget more promotion for an album that’s already lacking excitement.

But again, these are just my thoughts on the matter. Maybe there’s something that we’re missing. Maybe Drake and Future’s riff from the “Tony Montana” days hasn’t disappeared like we all once thought it did. Maybe Drake is in defense mode right now with everyone accept himself. Is Drake suffering from an industry Napoleonic complex? Maybe this is deeper than we think.