The NMC family and I were in our email thread talking music, which has now turned into who has given Jay better production: Just Blaze or Kanye West. And while that debate is still live and well, it’s actually turned into a troll war, I wanted to drop this off for you guys…..BECAUSE IT FELT LIKE IT. The organs on “Flow” are godly and “PSA II” hits VERY hard. Enjoy!

02. Flow
03. PSA (Remix)
04. Dec. 4th (Remix)
05. P Ditty (Interlude)
06. Warm It Up Jay
07. Michael Jordan MSG (Interlude)
08 . Encore (Remix)
09 . Hell Yeah (Remix)
10. Lookin @ My S. Dots
11. Moment of Clarity (Remix)
12. 99 Problems (Remix)
13. Where I’m From
14. Denzel Washington (Interlude)
15. Allure (Remix)
16. Get By (Remix)
17. Threat (Remix)
18. Reebok Kicks
19. My 1st Song (Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Because I Felt Like It: Jay-Z: S.Carter The Re Mix