Ok so obviously the cat is out the bag and we now know my blogging brothers and sister better known as the New Music Cartel have joined forces with Empire Distribution to form The NMC Music Group. A little under a decade ago, my counterparts and I embarked on this digital journey as fans of the culture and distributing our thoughts to the masses in a way we saw fit. In doing that, we formed an unofficial union together simply off the fact we respected each others platform and at the top of our class in different areas.

NahRight, the OG of this blog shit was someone I was always chased in regards to content and having it up first. 2DB came along and filled a huge gap in regards to putting folks “on” to the unknown, a feat they’ve obviously perfected to this very day. FreeOnsmash, debuting videos and projects left and right couldn’t be stopped until that “fuck shit” occurred to which they STILL are going strong right now. DaJaz1 and XclusivesZone quietly became a favorite from artists to fans because of their consistency. MissInfo, the Queen of this blogging shit was the icing on the cake. And then we have me, the kid with the drops on your favorite songs that pissed off Def Jam because I decided to record their videos and release them to the world during a Spring open house back in 2009 (best time of my life).

It wasn’t until recently that we realized that we were bored with the online part of our lives. Things were redundant and mundane. Corny bullshit was overflowing and it was getting to all of us creatively. Years prior, the labels would indulge in tug of wars with us in how content was released. They kicked and screamed because they didn’t understand the digital model and/or landscape. They hated us because we had access. Because we had relationships. Because we had PULL. We understand there’s rules to everything in life but it comes a point in time where those RULES you’ve been following for years and years become aggravating and start to hinder the creativity of a platform that was self-created.

In short, #OurRules have now come into play. Eskay spoke on the #NewRules mantra so I won’t repeat the same thoughts and sentiment over here, but moreso elaborate on #OurRules. We’ve played “The Game” for a minute now. We’ve sat back and watched some labels and artists shoot themselves in the foot with wrong moves and miscalculated steps online because some swore by the old school regime that those ways would still work. Some opened their doors to our experiences online and even tapped into us to assist in the online market. And in fairness to them, they have folks to answer to so completely using #OurRules wouldn’t fly. But I digress.

So, we ALL decided it was time for a change. A good 5 months went into constructing this master plan. We stalled, we argued (not a lot lol) and we pondered. We knew this would shake up the industry because as anyone can see, this game is pretty boring right now, to us at least. Why not change the landscape? Why not shake up the room? Why not control our own fate (even though we’ve been doing that for the past 8 to 10 years). The NMC Music Group is GREAT for US and the industry. Many of you put your music taste buds in our hands to begin with. I mean not completely, but you GET IT . It’s time for us to show you the value and power we’ve obtained over the years. and the knowledge we’ve acquired from the ones who were kind enough to assist us along the way (you know who you are).

Will there be some bumps and bruises along the way? You damn right there will be but of course we’ll try to limit them with each project and experience that lands in front of us. It’s an HONOR that Styles P has put his faith and trust in us to assist in the release of Phantom & The Ghost dropping next month! Someone of his pedigree gets what WE are to the culture and we definitely respect and campaign for him and his brand so this marriage made complete sense. But it does not stop here, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the NMC Music Grop era.

The NMC Music Group plans to be around for a long time just like our respective sites are and will be. We will be linking with other artists your accustom to. We will be developing talent to show the SUITS what we can do on this side of the tracks. We will put out compilation albums (We can do what you do too, Khaled), mixtapes and EPs. We have now taken FULL responsibility in creating content so if it DOES go bad we can only point the finger at US. But when it goes GOOD? Tuh, I don’t even need to tell you. So yeah, that’s what the fuss was about this morning. I’m not going to talk your head off about what we plan to do, just sit back and watch us….we’re going to make ALL of you proud! With that said, below is the OFFICIAL press release for Styles P’s Phantom & The Ghost dropping April 29th!  And before we go, Empire Distribution is KING for recognizing our outreach and respecting our place in this culture! THANK YOU!

Styles P Releasing “Phantom And The Ghost” 4/29 In Conjunction w/ New Music Cartel/EMPIRE

On April 29th, 2014, one third of the legendary group The Lox will be releasing his anticipated new solo album, “Phantom And The Ghost’. For this independent release, Yonkers legend Styles P has partnered his Phantom Entertainment imprint with distribution powerhouse EMPIRE and digital music giants New Music Cartel.

EMPIRE has established itself over the past few years as a marketing and distribution powerhouse, releasing stellar projects from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, The Foreign Exchange, Migos and Sage The Gemini. The New Music Cartel comprises some of urban music’s top websites/blogs that teamed up together, leading the industry as tastemakers.

For Styles P’s “Phantom And The Ghost’, both entities have joined forces and will be combining resources to make it as successful as possible. While details on the album are still scarce, you can expect guest appearances from his Lox bredren among others.

Check out the album’s first single, “Sour”, featuring Jadakiss and Rocko below!

Listen: Styles P – Sour (ft. Jadakiss & Rocko)

Pre-order Phantom & The Ghost, here! 

Until then, keep it locked to Styles’ social networks for the latest:

Twitter: @TheRealStylesP
Instagram: @RealHolidayStyles
Facebook: @TheRealStylesP