Whenever I hear people discuss Wiz Khalifa’s best project or their favorite project, I always hear the same answer…”Man! Kush & OJ is one of the best mixtapes ever! Cabin Fever is great.” But I was thinking…why don’t people ever talk about his Show & Prove mixtape?

Wiz released this project in 2006 when he was eighteen years old. In terms of RAPPING, I feel like this might be his best project. Yes, there is a lot of braggadocios rap on here like on “Bout Mine” when he raps “I be right to call you a pimp, cause your n*ggas is hoes!”. So his song-making ability wasn’t the best when he was 18, but whose was? I know one thing is for sure, Wiz was HUNGRY on this project. Obviously it makes sense since this was early on his career but I love the aggression and confidence he conveys on the tape. Examples of this can be found on “Stay In Ur Lane” and “Too Late”. The instrumentals are soulful with a mix of “boom-bap” throughout and he flows effortlessly.

Final Verdict: Yo…if you’re a fan of Wiz Khalifa and haven’t given this project a listen, I HIGHLY suggest it. If you’re not a fan of Wiz’s new music (like myself), but haven’t heard some of his older stuff, I recommend you checking this tape out as well- you might be surprised that you actually like it. There’s a lot of bangers on here mixed with some technical rapping from Wiz.

Favorite Tracks: “Bout Mine”, “Pittsburgh Sound”, “Damn Thing”

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