Happy #MatosMondays

That seems to be the theme with Mus Matos’ ​drops this year as the rising artist out of Philly continues to establish his buzz through random yet exhilarating Monday releases. Subsequently, Mus has been able to amass nearly 600,000 plays from only six releases. Matos has had quite the success when it comes to the release of his audio tracks. That’s right, no visuals…until today.

With his debut music video “Love What I Do” on the way, which is expected to drop any day now, Mus Matos​ drops in today with a special visual of his vlog “#MatosLifestyle”​ – a series which will capture the happenings of his career as they unfold.

In this first installment, Mus​ is accompanied by his RFRXN team members Shak McClary (Executive Producer) and Bel G.​ (Booking Manager) during a studio session for an upcoming release in a cinematic 3-minute clip shot and edited by Knox777.​

Watch above and enjoy.