Rob $tone catapulted himself into hip-hop stardom when he dropped a song flipping the infamous whistling sample from the Kill Bill movie franchise. The extremely catchy beat, paired with $tone’s effortless flow and witty lyricism resulted in Chill Bill becoming one of the most iconic songs of the year, going double platinum and amassing 200+ million plays on Spotify and 100+ million views on YouTube. All for a teenaged rapper from Lemon Grove, San Diego with no label or industry backing whatsoever.

Today, Rob $tone is capitalizing on the viral success of Chill Bill, by dropping his debut album Don’t Wait For It. The album includes production from Zaytoven, ID Labs, Cream Wallo, Money Montage, Dre Native, DJ Wes, Cashmoney AP, Ricci Riera, Humbeats, 2am, Chris Rose and 1207 Crew member Malik Burgers. Also featured on the album are standout verses from Gucci Mane, Meech, Cash Passion and J.Davi$

Don’t Wait For It is Rob $tone first full-length LP, and first project since 2016’s mixtape I’m Almost Ready. The album showcases $tone’s versatility; from his crooning on the slowed-down, female-friendly cut Highlight to the more cut-throat, hypnotic flow displayed on The Whole Thang. $tone also shows a more socially aware side to him, discussing police brutality on a number of tracks, most pointedly on Little Piggy.

Don’t Wait For It cements $tone’s status as one of the more promising young rappers coming out of the west coast in recent years.

Don’t Wait For It is an album about growth; as a man, as a musician, as an all around person. I want people to take Don’t Wait For It and apply it to their life. Don’t wait for happiness, don’t wait to be successful and don’t wait for anything. And of course, don’t ever wait for the label.” – Rob $tone