Emerging artist LevyGrey officially released his first single “Insert Title Here” today via. BlameEbro. The track features the use of synthetic sound with a dark, melodic touch that showcases Levy’s developing aesthetic as an artist. “Insert Title Here” is currently available at all digital music providers including Apple Music.

“My goal as an artist is to always make music at the highest quality; I always want to push the culture sonically. I feel like this industry is scared to try & produce different kinds of music. Everyone sticks with the usual 808’s and even though it’s fire, I always strive as an artist to come out my comfort zone. My first single “Insert Title Here” was named that simply because I didn’t want to give it a title. I feel like titles are like label and sometimes ruin the essence of the song. I want people to listen the music & come up with their own title for it,” says LevyGrey.