JT took to IG early this morning to release the 16 song, 2 guest feature tracklist to his new album, Man Of The Woods dropping on February 2nd. The listing came about 7 hours after the release of his first single, “Filthy” in which I’m still trying to get a grasp on. Man Of The Woods drops February 2nd. See the tracklisting below!

1. “Filthy”
2. “Midnight Summer Jam”
3. “Sauce”
4. “Man of the Woods”
5. “Higher, Higher”
6. “Wave”
7. “Supplies”
8. “Morning Light” feat. Alicia Keys
9. “Say Something” feat. Chris Stapleton
10. “Hers (Interlude)”
11. “Flannel”
12. “Montana”
13. “Breeze of the Pond”
14. “Livin’ off the Land”
15. “The Hard Stuff”
16. “Young Man”