Video: @RickyRozay Stars In New Reebok Classic White Ad

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Rozay continues his Reebok campaign with this new humorus Classic White Ad featuring Joe’s ex or current (I don’t know) GF, Kaylin G. Mastermind is on the way.


Video: Kevin Hart Is A Fan Of Rihanna’s New Single “Pour It Up.”

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Kevin Hart would be the person to record himself dancing to Rihanna’s next single “Pour It Up.” By himself. In a sweatsuit. On Thanksgiving lol. But that’s why we love Kevin. Rihanna recently announced that the Mike Will Made It produced cut will serve as her next single from her Unapologetic LP that landed at #1 on Billboard 200 selling 238,000 units in seven days.


Video: Happy Endings – Sabado Free-Gante [Season 3 Ep.2]

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Dave and Alex have a hard time committing to each other and an apartment while Max and Brad attempt to have a cheap Saturday after Brad realizes funds aren’t like what they use to when he was employed. Finally, Jan and Penny look for the PERFECT car price while figuring out what cars do lol. Ahh my favorite show!

Video: Internets Celebrities Present “Cuffing Season”

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The autumnal season brings all sorts of familiar and favorable things to mind. The changing colors of tree leaves. Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. Christmas music being played in department stores. Monday Night Football. And another sport altogether… Cuffing Season. The hot “skin was showing” summer was jumpoff season, with casual hookups as far as the eye could see. But as summer winds down to a close it’s in our very nature to begin preparations for the cold months ahead. The high holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones, or at least a warm body. Join the Internets Celebrities on a field assignment to find out if Cuffing Season is real.

Sidenote: Still lost on the Cuffing Season epidemic? Here’s the timeline in which you must follow if one wants to be a successful cuffer lol

RESPECT: Dallas P.

Video: @KidFury – Nicki vs Mariah: Inadequate Shade

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I could give 19 fucks on why Nicki Minaj was showing her Jamaica, Queens side during American Idol try outs the other night. HOWEVER, I do love seeing the homey Kid Fury break down the fuckery from his own perspective lmao.



Video: You Know Lil Wayne Doesn’t Give A F*ck, Right?

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Ok, so instead of breaking down what this video is about because TMZ does it for us right here, I’m going to pull some key quotes from this deposition video because in all my existence on God’s green earth have I ever seen someone give ZERO fucks such as Dwayne Carter exhibited in this deposition video. Check out some key quotes, below!

“Pete Ross, that’s a stupid ass question.” – Lil Wayne
“She was crazy STUPID thick.” – Lil Wayne
“Yeah, it is something out of your ass.” – Lil Wayne
“I don’t recall that.”- Lil Wayne
“I don’t recall that neither.” – Lil Wayne
“Sorry sir, no I’m a superstar…people hire themselves to photograph me.” – Lil Wayne
“I’m sorry, that’s my psychic.” – Lil Wayne
“Personally, I don’t have to do nothing.” - Lil Wayne
“You know he can’t save you right? In the real world. That guy right there…he can’t save you in the real world.” – Lil Wayne
“I was talking to myself.” – Lil Wayne


Video: Harold’s Chicken Adventures With Cam’ron, Couzin Bang & Kanye West

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This might be the greatest piece of mid-day ratchetness I’ve ever encountered in my blogging career. Notice how a Young Kanye side stepped the shouting matches and let Couzin Bang and GLC handle the dirty work lol. I don’t blame him. And LMAO @ Cam’ron being PUZZLED at the entire story lol. Damn, now I want some Chicken and French Fries. SMH.

RESPECT: MikeyFresh

Video: Jerry Seinfeld – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Barry Marder

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The latest episode to Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” Barry Marder is this week’s guest as the two discussing announcing to go see Rob Lowe at Lowes, being offended when people refuse to take a bite of your food, offending cannibals, the fake Robert DeNiro, waiter etiquette and much more.


Video: Kevin Hart Stops By Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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The 2012 VMA Host, Kevin Hart paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel live where they discussed his recent rise to success, getting his driver’s licenses back after it being suspended so many times and much more. Part two under the hood. Catch Kevin tonight on the VMA’s starting at 8pm.

Video: Kevin Hart On 2012 VMAs: “Nobody Is Off Limits.”

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2012 VMAArtists.MTVMusic

Nobody is off limits? Yeah, someones feelings are getting hurt on Thursday night at 8pm live on MTV. Unfortunately, my ass will be hosting two events my damn self so I won’t be able to see SHIT. SMH.