Feature: How Much Longer Can The NYC Music Industry Sleep On Tray Pizzy?

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The New York City rap scene is a tricky one, you have so many different groupings of where a certain artist fits in, the difference between indie and major, the organic artist and the artist who is being forced on listeners. The best time to check out a local up-coming rapper on New York City radio is during ass eating hours. To be a successful artist in New York City with no financical backing or major co-sign is an uphill battle all on its own. I’m not even from New York and I think I have a better idea of who is making noise and who isn’t, so its really a shame that the industry heads in New York City don’t do a better job of looking out for their own, besides, who wouldn’t want to be the first person to break a dope potential upcoming artist? The people who pull the strings for the music scene in New York City have or can get access to almost anything they desire. But I get it, taking a chance on an artist is a risky one especially when your name is attached to it, but then again life is all about taking risks and giving people a shot. Any and everybody who is somebody had at least 1 or 2 people give them that push or chance to be where they’re at today. Social media damn near runs the world these days, so usually when a dope artist pops off we hear about it on social media first and interestingly enough that is when the music industry wants to take notice and take all the credit for it.

For the last year Bronx rapper Tray Pizzy has been quietly making a name for himself in the big apple with no financial backing, big features or a major co-sign. You can say that Tray Pizzy has grown his brand and fan base about as organic as you can get. Its nothing normal about Tray Pizzy from his glowing red mohawk, his loyal and growing Broke & Trippy fan base, his ability to craft movie like visuals and last but not least his shows. So what I’m basically trying to say is that over time Tray Pizzy has managed to make dope records that his fan base can relate to, he’s been able to build a loyal fan base that will always be in the building when he is on stage, a knack of bringing his songs to life through dope visuals in an era when creativity is at an all time low, and I have to say this again, the boy puts on one hell of a show unlike any indie artist I have ever came across. I remember before Wiz Khalifa dropped Kush & Orange Juice, when he wasn’t as well known, I won tickets to a show of his and he absolutely killed his performance part, the whole crowd was into it, people were dancing and jumping, it was just a good time. Almost 8-9 years later Wiz Khalifa still has one of the best live shows to date, Tray Pizzy is in the same category. If your reading this and haven’t been to a show of his, stop reading, go check him out and then come back to this article.

A few nights ago Tray Pizzy was asked to perform at the legendary S.O.B.’s for Hot 97’s Who’s Next concert series. My big homie Krown Royale actually gave me the inspiration to write this article, he hit me via text and was like “Yo, Pizzy killed his show the other night at S.O.B.’s and nobody is talking about it, blogs, media etc.” I already peeped the footage yesterday and by now its no surprise to me that he bodies every performance, but this was different because it was a Hot 97 sponsored show and if you ask most people they will say Hot 97 is legendary in NYC. The first thing they messed up on was letting Tray Pizzy go first lol, because clearly he had the livest set out of all the artist, no disrespect to the other 2 artist, but facts are just facts. I including Pizzy’s whole performance set below and the energy he brings to the stage is different then most artist. If you fast forward to the end of his set, Tray Pizzy performs “My Borough” which is a big crowd favorite. The energy from Pizzy along with his brother/hypeman Japan they could essentially just let the crowd rap the whole record without saying a word. You might be reading this and not care or don’t understand the significance of this, simply put no other indie artist in NYC is putting on shows like this. From my understanding after Tray Pizzy performed the crowd kind of died down and if thats not a clear enough sign I don’t know what else is.

Aside from Tray Pizzy you have 2 other independent (I’m not including anyone who is signed to a major) artist who are really making a name for themselves and thats Dave East & Manolo Rose. Tray Pizzy has records with these artist and has also performed side by side with them as well. I get numerous submissions every week with Tray Pizzy features, I see flyers almost 7 days a week with Pizzy’s name stamped on, his crew is hitting the streets to make the world aware of the brand. Just the fact that Tray Pizzy is getting so many feature requests is unbelievable because he is an independent artist, it also works in his favor because his name always stays relevant without dropping a single record. Not to mention, Tray Pizzy has been getting consistent spins on Jovonn The Don’s NewNY show on Power 105 every Sunday night. If your not familiar with the show its one of those platforms for upcoming artist that if you get spins on then your moving in the right direction.

From the music industry’s stand point Tray Pizzy might have a lot of work to do, from everything I’ve seen in the last year or so these execs and A&R’s will be kicking themselves in the ass in another 6 months or so, its only a matter of time before Tray Pizzy does blow up and get the recognition he deserves. I know he’s going to keep plugging away, but at what point does the media stop forcing bullshit music down our throat and actually get out to these shows and see who is really popping. The New York City media has been championing all the wrong artist as of late and once Tray Pizzy does pop they will be the first ones to claim they broke him or will want him on there shows and be spinning all his records. But we all know that Tray Pizzy and the Broke & Trippy brand was built from the ground up, the right way. I’m rooting for him to win, he deserves the credit because its hard to build nothing into something. So the New York City music industry should be on notice after the Hot 97 performance because its a new kid in town and he’s hungry. #EAT

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 20) [The Re-Introduction]

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*looks at calendar*

Oops. Yes I know: my inconsistency with these things doesn’t rub you the right way. Trust me, it doesn’t rub other folks the right way either….trust me, I’ve been receiving earfuls about the aforementioned. I guess we can blame my editorial absence on stubbornness, laziness, timidness and selfishness. See, struggle isn’t a great color on anyone but it builds a foundation so specific to your story that sometimes we discontinue our own chapters in fear of actually seeing what we are capable of doing or being. Well, at least that’s what I’ve been learning. Me not writing my Dear Reader entries does that in my case. Gotta be more consistent and open up more. I digress.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve realized a lot about myself when dealing with issues, hustle, struggle and adversity: I don’t talk that much lol. It could be my mother looking for an update on my love life (or lack thereof). My Dad asking how EYE am doing with my career and if EYE need help with anything (I try to do everything myself knowing damn well this man is pretty DAMN smart lol.) My sister asking me if I had a meal or not (anyone who knows me, I have the strangest eating habits). A young lady asking me to open up (My bad, love.) Or even my bestfriend, Niles asking me, “Yo, what’s the next move man…we gotta make some money.” I don’t talk. And it’s not that I don’t want to talk because ya’ll know I can ramble on and on and on If I have the room to, but detailing anything explicitly to ANYONE makes me feel weak. Yes, I know…that shit is dumb, but man that’s just how I’ve been wired the last couple years. So now, I’m here attempting to change that. I’d like to talk more.

I’d like to talk to my mother about the STRUGGLES of finding someone EYE can talk to, romantically. Mama Low knows I love romance. She’s seen bits and pieces of me care for a young lady, she knows how hard I go for the one I’m riding for. BUT, she’s also seen it tear me apart and put me in a dark place that I HOPE i’ll never have to travel to again. Maybe that’s what EYE am scared of: letting her witness my downfall. It’s not a good feeling, ya’ll. Knowing she’s within inches of her youngest gasping for mental and spiritual air but yet she can’t give me CPR. It sucks. Hell, thinking back on certain moments has me choked up now. But maybe this is what I needed. Maybe this is what was up in my head this whole time. And maybe this is why I wouldn’t let anyone get close to me. Maybe I was embarrassed to talk about it with my potential partner. I think this could be the start of me letting someone in because I’ve now clearly identified why the walls were up. Hol up, don’t start thinking I’m start falling in love today, tonight, tomorrow or next week….but I can tell you the stiff arm won’t be as visible.

I’d like to talk to my Pops about the struggles of finding the footing in this music industry, even though about 15 years ago he strongly advised me to NOT venture down this lane. Yeah, you were right Pops…..THIS SHIT BRAZY (Dad, if you’re reading this…I’ll explain “Brazy” to you the next time we have a brew lol). My Pops is a provider. My Dad is also somewhat blind out of one eye and doesn’t have the best hearing and YET he’s a provider. That right THERE should be every reason to get on track and even let him help since he’s not complaining. But see the way I’m built, I don’t want to be a burden to the OG. Nah, I never want to be that guy. I know…I know “Low, how can you be a burden to your own Father?” Didn’t I say I was wired differently lol? That man has suggested ideas for my blog, books to read, shows to watch, food to eat, liquor to drink, places to go…everything. Some I’ve took heed to, but others I somewhat shutdown because I don’t want his retirement stage of life to be dedicated to helping ME get right. But again, that’s my Father….that’s his job. DUH, Low. My bad, Pops.

Don’t worry Niki, I have a bacon & egg sandwich to my left but I had to let these words breathe…YA FEEEL ME?!?!

I’d like to talk to the women I DON’T talk to. Listen…I’m stubborn: let’s just call a spade a spade. If you scroll up to the part about my mother? You’ll understand it a bit better. Yeah I know, sucks to have to discover my inconsistencies THIS way, but it’s a start. And God no, this isn’t the only reason why I’m a closed book, but as stated before, this is a genuine start. I have to start opening up more. Explaining why I react. Explaining why I’m upset. Explaining why I become distant. Listening suits me better at times (well when I’m not pissed off) because when I try to spill my thoughts out I usually get frustrated and all hell breaks lose. And I do have to remember, talking isn’t always a form of arguing. Being defensive has pushed some of the most GORGEOUS WOMEN away from me. Dog, I’m talking 10’s with law degrees and jobs that could support me, you AND yo cousin, too. Don’t worry, we’ll talk.

Niles, WE’LL TALK.

In short, if there’s someone or something you need to talk about? Do so. My recent experience in just TALKING to folks has let me sleep a bit lighter at night. I’ve been able to think clearer about situations and believe it or not, NOT think about situations. In the past, I’ve just let things rock because either I’d be dumb enough to think they’d go away OR work themselves out. Nah my, G……..you have to talk things out. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve also experience some recent situations where “talking” was kept to a minimum but everything was revealed that I needed to know. Usually I’d ignore and shut folks out but I opened my mouth, expressed how I felt. What THEY did after those things were expressed told me EVERYTHING I needed to know about that person and/or situation. But it was all because I decided to speak up and TALK. I know YOU have something pent up in that chest of yours, but something is telling you not to talk about it. Well my friend, I’m here to tell you otherwise: TALK!

Sincerely, Low.

P.S. I’m glad to be back.

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 19)

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I’m going to get straight to it ladies and gents: It’s been rough journey. Life changing/career changing rough. See the thing is when I’m ready to divulge (not entirely) into my hardships? I do. But the other thing is, I don’t vent/rant without providing a the outcome in which is pretty much positive %98 of the time, you know? What do I look like steady complaining about hardships and just walking off in the sunset like “Poor me, I’m going through a tough time”, right? That aint cool lol.

But this “Dear Reader” isn’t about the start off a bad time. Nor is it about telling you how I’m flying through bluer skies…..nah. This post is about keeping your composure DURING that rough patch. How do you respond to your friends, family, workers, GF/BF, strangers. Do you throw shade to them because YOU made a mistake? Because things didn’t go out as you planned it to go? Whose fault is it REALLY that you’re in this situation? If you can’t point the finger at ANYONE but yourself? You better keep that funky attitude under your own roof. That’s called “KEEPING YOUR COMPOSURE.”

Even when you’re in the comfort of your OWN home, that composure needs to be kept quietly in your back fucking pocket. Going through some of the things I’ve gone through, that’s how I’ve learned to deal with things and people: Keep cool because it ain’t no ones fault but yours. Now of course you can look at certain people and semi-point the finger, but it’s a majority your fault you didn’t realize things wouldn’t work out. No, that doesn’t mean you spazz on them at all. It simply means keep your composure and figure out a way to make things right for YOU.

Some people will go through shit and take it out on everyone in sight. Attitudes, snarky remarks, silence (even though I do the silence, but that’s just me at times). And then be all happy when the smoke clears and things are back to normal. Nah playboy, that shit is wack. If you KNOW your ass is going through something but you can’t deal with it in public because it’s that bad? Keep your ass at home. Go to work, put your headphones on and keep clear of people. But since life isn’t ALWAYS worked out the way we want it to go? I suggest you develop ideas on how to keep your composure. I strongly suggest it. You can’t be in a certain business without containing that composure when shit hits the fan.

I don’t want to get all preachy preachy on you during the middle of the day, but do understand if you’re going through a rough patch? It always could be worse. There’s something positive to be taken from whatever you’re going through right now. And whatever you’re going through nothing is permanent so keeping the composure is key. God is looking at you RIGHT now and waiting for you to SNAP so he can take that blessing away from you. I’m telling you off of experience ladies and gents. So when you have a moment, look up in the sky and quietly mumble “I’m cool, my G.” Trust me, IT WORKS lol.

I’m gone.

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 18)

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That shit was dope right? You worked your ASS off yo get to THIS point because you just knew you were good enough to land in that specific position. The accolades and kind gestures have you feeling like a fucking/Queen because you worked so hard getting to THAT point. Can’t no one really tell you shit right now, huh? Man, this is a high that you would love to ride out till the motherfucking wheels fall off. Can it get any better? YES, YOU COMPLACENT FOOL! Follow me real quick.

This high? This monumental feeling of achievement that’s running through your body right now? Yeah, this isn’t SHIT compared to what you’ll feel when you REALLY get things rolling. This is just the tip of the iceberg; the game starts NOW. We work so hard to get to certain places in our life because we want the smell, taste and touch of success. It’s something we’ve desired since we could count from 1 to 10 without our parents helping us. Or when we walked from the couch to Mommy/Daddy’s arms for the first time. You screamed, laughed and giggled not because your parents were doing it but because that was your FIRST taste of success. And though you probably couldn’t actually say “YES, I SUCCEEDED” you were smart enough to understand you accomplished something great early in your life.

This is THAT. You accomplished something great in your life, but lordy lordy lordy it only gets better. But the trick is not to get lost in the shuffle. Not to get lost in the congratulations from every corner of your life. There’s a pie baking in the oven right now; it’s called HUMBLE. It comes in alllll different flavors too. Best thing about HUMBLE Pie? It’s FREE! Let me tell you a little story about when EYE had to serve myself a WHOLE HUMBLE Pie.

My last year at Howard University I received the On-Air Personality of the Year Award for Black College Radio. I believe this was back in April of 2005. Man was I on a fucking high. And because I was on a high? I thought I was going to land a NICE gig coming out of school. My logic was: I’m the hottest thing smoking in black college radio, where’s my JOB? Boy was I wrong and clueless as to how shit worked in the radio lol. Needless to say, I didn’t get a job in radio. I mean I got a job, but it was at the Front Desk of a Double Tree Hotel lol. You see where I’m going? I got complacent and wanted the world to come to me instead of going out into the world and taking what was mine.

Being on 106 & Park is NO different. You know what? I’m going to act like that shit didn’t even happen (not really, but u get what I’m saying lol). I smelled success yesterday. Not even smelled it, I got a WHIFF of it and BOY was that shit delicious. I want MORE. But I’m going to be SMART about how I attempt to obtain it. So I want you guys to take this lesson specifically and apply it to your grind, struggle, hustle and journey. Complacency is NOT the answer. Hell it’s almost like a mental drug and can turn TOXIC if it’s abused. Got it? Good. I out.

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 17)

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I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m nervous as shit today. I’ll go into why at the end of this post, but for now let’s just cover the surface of having these nerve wrecking feelings tumbling up and down my spine. Thing is, it’s a good nervous. Exciting even. See, I get these feelings every time I host a show or begin a new project and/or chapter in my life because obviously I don’t know what’s to come of it, but I’m excited of the possibilities it may bring, you know?

Let me ask you guys a question: when was the last time you had that type of feeling? I’m talking from the time you woke up in the morning until the time you laid your head to rest? I know there’s a lot of confident mufuckaz on this earth, but I want to talk to the ones that still get nervous about shit. I want to talk to the ones that still get excited about things they’re involved in. Isn’t that feeling like no other? I’m talking just CONSTANTLY running different scenarios through your head about what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, what might not happen, IF it’ll happen the way you want it to. It’s like you’re running through your own little playbook in your head and trying to figure out the BEST way to execute. One wrong step and things just might go left.

But then there’s the other side of your brain that’s just telling you, “Hey man, stop thinking so much and just enjoy the moment you’ve worked hard to arrive at.” Then there’s that. It’s like the little guy on your shoulder smoking a joint whispering “yo bro, just let it flow. You’re there for a reason.” And I get it, trust me I do. But there are certain things you just WANT to have a grip on. But I guess God wouldn’t put us in certain situations if hew KNEW we couldn’t manage to maneuver through, right?

I say all these thoughts to come full circle back to you: it’s ok, awesome, natural AND normal to be nervous and excited. It gives us that push, drive, determination and energy to excel in an important part of our life. It’s nothing to be scared of at all. You’re nervous and excited because you want to progress and flourish in the best way possible- no mistakes or setbacks. Be nervous. Be excited. It’s some of us who are just tooo cool for certain moments and I believe we cheat ourselves of the anticipation of moments that we know DEEP down we’re EXTREMELY excited about. But why? I mean I know you’re good at what you do but damn, are you excited to execute? Are you nervous to see if you can out do yourself from the last time? Those thoughts don’t run through your head? Well they run through mine, NIGGA!

Anyway, today I’ll be making my first “official” cable debut on BET’s 106 & Park for the first installment of The Miss Mykie Report where we’ll be discussing celebrity music news. It airs tonight. And you GOD DAMN right my ass is NERVOUS and excited about this situation. I’ve come along way in this blogging/hosting career of mine so this is a nice little milestone I’m arriving at. I guess this is the part of the post where I turn on Meek’s intro to his Dreams & Nightmares album. Yeah, that’s fitting for this situation. Half the feeling of reminiscing what I’ve come from and the other half designated to DESTROYING anything in my path to make sure I keep crossing milestones in this life of mine. Hold on, the beat just changed and shit is getting a bit authentic. Gotta go lol.

See ya tonight!

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 16)

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Wait, why did you do that? Yeah, that? Why did you erase that grand idea in your head? For what? Oh, you think it’s not feasible because it’s out of the box and you don’t have the means, funds or resources to get it accomplished, huh? BULLSHIT. I come to you from an honest position because lord knows how many times I’ve had a plethora of ideas swarming in this peanut size head of mine but diminished my OWN reality because I just didn’t believe enough.

Maybe I didn’t have the right energy around me? Or maybe the momentum wasn’t correctly placed to where I wanted to go off a previous high to get even higher. But think about it: Why can’t you do what you’re thinking? Is it illegal? Probably not. Are you paralyzed? Hell, even if you were, a handful of things are STILL within reach. What was it exactly that pulled you back from dreaming so god damn big? Was it a certain girl/guy? Maybe it was your job sucking the CREATIVE MENTAL out of you everyday. There has to be a concrete reason as to WHY you thought it wouldn’t be a cool enough idea to execute.

Listen, a GOOD friend of mine brought me an idea this morning, right? Now I’m already riding a high from several other opportunities I’m involved in thus far in 2013 so I’m feeling pretty fucking good. So my friend explains this idea and I’m like “Wait, a god DAMN second: is this really possible?” At first I told him he was dreaming too big, but then I realized, “who in the FUCK am EYE to tell a FRIEND that their dream is too big? Too grand? Shame on me. So I switched my mind frame and rode shotgun with him.

As friends, you are supposed to ASSIST your friends in their dreams. Help them realize that anything that THEY’RE thinking is attainable. Now, if there are better options to present for these dreams of theirs, then by all means present them; that’s why you’re there. Never….and I mean NEVER shut down your friends dreams and aspirations. RIDE with them until the end. Share their enthusiasm, don’t kill it. Don’t you EVER kill your friends dreams.

My lunch is here and I’m on a tight schedule today, so I leave you with this simple gesture: DREAM BIG, MOTHERFUCKER (Sorry Dad, I know you hate when I curse in these posts but today called for it lol. Love ya)

Ok, bye.

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 15)

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New Year, New You huh? SHUT THY HELL UP! What? You’re just going to wipe yourself out on January 1st and become this new person with awesome features and a completely different mental because the world got a year older? No, that sounds explicitly retarded. Who said there was something wrong with the old you? Didn’t my nigga Shakespeare say “To thine own self be true?” I could’ve SWORN he did. To me? That means, be true to who YOU are. Don’t wipe yourself clean because of the cool slogans implemented by the society we live in. However, what you CAN do is sharpen up and refocus. Follow me for a second, will you?

You probably made your list of resolutions about how this year is your year to get your shit right, right? Got yourself a gym membership. Poured out all your liquor. Done dealing with bullshittin’ ass nuccaz and nuccettez. Gonna go to work all early. Gonna put more effort into generating more revenue and ideas. All because it’s a “New Year, New You, huh? Why did you wait until December 31st to fix and alter these things? Just so you know, January 1st is not a magical day where all your social, career, financial, domestic, and personal imperfections just go the hell away. Sorry to break it to you, they just don’t. No for real, they do NOT. I know the aura of NYE gives off that impeccable vibe that everything wrong in your life is now gone, but my nigga? It’s STILL there.

What you SHOULD’VE been doing is examining these imperfections and figuring out the best way to generate change, gradually. You can’t force, unless they’re detrimental to your health and those around you, change. It’s a process. And there’s not a darn thing wrong with gradually altering your wrongs and imperfections. I mean let’s face it, none of us are perfect, nor will we ever be.

For instance, you’re supposed to be at work by 10am everyday, but you’re always arriving at 10:45 huh? Ok, the change will take some time, so try waking up a tiny bit earlier everyday. Like I said, it’s all a process that we must endure before a total change takes place. There are plenty things that I need to work on and believe you me, a nigga has been working on them. But again, all these “changes” have been taking place before NYE. It doesn’t sit well with me that some folks think NYE is the only time of the year we can change the things that we don’t like or need polishing.

Everyday this year you should work on polishing whatever is that you don’t like about you or your daily routine. Prioritize these changes as you see fit and understand these changes will NOT happen overnight. So when NYE comes BACK around in 364 days? You won’t have a shit list of things you’re going to change because why? You’ve been working on them allllllllll year. Of course you’re not going to be perfect as stated before, but waiting until NYE is NOT going to make it any easier.

And another thing, EVERY year is your year. What? You take certain years off or something? Why? Nah, fuck all that, EVERY YEAR is your year until God decides you’re riding shotgun with him upstairs. Put your best foot forward EVERY DAMN DAY this year. You deserve it, your friends deserve it, the world deserves it, your family deserves it. Right? Right. Ok, bye!

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 14)

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Yeah, it’s been a long god damn time since we last spoke, huh lol? Frustration, laziness and distractions kept me from opening my mind with you guys and I apologize. Ok, now that THAT’s out the way, what do YOU value?

Really think about his question before you go blurting out a thought. Sit with it for a minute while you scroll though Twitter looking for an interesting conversation and/or avi to interact with (no #Catfish lol). What do you sincerely value in the different facets of your life? Professionally? Let’s head there first, shall we?

I’ve covered the topic of appreciating your space in the work place, right? Sacrificing, working hard, appreciating what you do and the ones around you right? But what part of that journey did you value? Of course you didn’t start out in the position you were in; no one did. You were that intern before. You were that junior executive before. You were that mail room employee before. Your salary wasn’t respectable but you had your sights set on the 6 to 7 figure lifestyle didn’t you? Of course you did. But do you remember that process of getting there? The sleepless nights? The constant reinventing of a specific proposal because the higher ups thought it sucked. Did you value that process? Did you take ANYTHING from that journey? Does the result outweigh your experience? Do you value that more than what you’ve learned over the years simply because you can now order someone ELSE to do your dirty work? Be honest with yourself right now.

What about that relationship you’ve been longing for? Yeah,m the one you’re in now. How much do you value situation. Like anything worth having, I’m SURE perfecting the dynamic between the two of you was NO easy feat. Hell I’m sure you two are STILL working at it right? But what is it that you VALUE about perfecting that dynamic. The fights? The milestones? The learning experiences that he/she has brought you through? Off TOP, you should be able to blurt out at least 3 things you value about your partner. I mean if you can’t, what’s the point of it? Oh? You’re just tolerating them until something else comes along huh? Yeah, smart idea. I’m not saying you have to go home and bring him/her a gesture stating you value them but every so often those words could do wonders more than a present can, no?

I woke up this morning just thinking about past experiences I’ve been through and what they’ve taught me. I went through various situations that pissed me off, brought me joy, handed me strife, caused confusion, activated tears and every other emotion under the sun. I then took each situation and focused on what kind of value came from it. Though some of the experiences I brought to my own attention, I focused on what value came from it. Whether it was the value of the lesson, the value of myself, the value of a specific person or whatever, I thought long and hard and I’m glad I did. It sparked this entry. And now I want to spark the idea of “value” in your mental. I can’t tell you who or what to value but you have to value SOMETHING, right? Right. Before you go, I’d like for you to watch the video below and tell me what you pull from it, cool? Thanks.

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 13)

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See, there are two different ways I could look at this entry today. I could be beat down on an issue that you’ve been going through over the past couple hours, days, weeks and/or months and continue that self pity streak you’re stuck in right now. Or, I could sit you up in that desk chair, wipe your mental tears and fix that struggle face so we’re back on track to greatness. Follow me for a quick second, if you will.

Whether you like to admit it or not, and it might be a hard pill to swallow, we draw inspiration from our peers: be it negative or positive. We may see something they’re doing, which we don’t agree on and strive to NOT go down that route. But that’s a rare occurrence. And then there’s the positive route, the main inspiration from which this entry was born. I have a good friend named Rae Holliday (from the Fashion duo, StuffFlyPeoplLike. Sup Gabe! ). Met him back in 2008 during my early BET days. I didn’t know the kid from a hole in the wall, but he was bleeding positive energy from the VERY start.

From that point on, we tackled red carpets, press junkets, club outings, media trips, and award shows together. If it was something popping? Rae was ALWAYS there. RARELY have I seen Rae jump out of character. I could always count on Rae to have a good time wherever he was at. Last night, Rae attended Jay’s show @ The Barclays Center in which he was in the VIP D’USSE Cognac section of the arena. That section was filled with the who’s who of the night like Angie Martinez, Melanie Fiona, Queen Latifah and one of Rae’s favorite people on EARTH, Beyonce.

I was following Rae’s Instagram and Twitter updates so I saw his excitement escalate from point A to point Z. I went to sleep and then woke up to THIS from Rae’s Instagram account. And then it occurred to me, just like Rae, we ALL deserve this. What is “THIS” you ask? This is success. Happiness. Joy. Recognition. We ALL deserve it. Clearly, Rae’s accomplished MUCH MUCH more than just partying with Beyonce at The Barclay’s Center, so that’s not what this is about. It’s about how FAR Rae has come from 2008 until now. Listening to Jay spit “Where I’m From” while Beyonce dances in front of Rae is a mere strand of hay in Rae’s haystack.

See, sometimes I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit when it comes to our own accolades and feats, me included. We may observe some of society’s more accomplished figures and sometimes even our own peers and beat ourselves up over the facet we’re not THERE or ahead of them. And in that mental drift, we forget to look in the mirror, look at our accomplishments and say “You Deserve This.” All the hard work you’ve put in? You deserve to smile and relish in that light for a second. Why not? Cause you don’t have a black card? Because you don’t have a chauffeur? Because you can’t get up and take a vacation whenever you want? Ahhhhhh foowy lmao.

Are there things you can fine tune and go a little harder on? Fuck yes. Hell, Jay-Z thinks that. Bill Gates thinks that. Will Smith thinks that. Oprah thinks that. YOUR PARENTS think that. We all do. But at one point or another, these people have ENJOYED the fruits of their labor because they’ve worked HARD for it. See “Otis” for Jay and Ye’s “I DESERVE THIS” moment lol.

I can’t force you to sit and think about the stuff you deserve and don’t deserve, only you can do that. Only YOU know how much blood, sweat and tears you put into your craft to really digest how much success you should be getting out of it. Me? I’ve been tackling this hosting thing for a good year and a half now. Scared shitless when I first started it, my best friend NilesG will tell you I was a bitch when I first started hosting parties. But he believed in me and told me to KEEP PRACTICING. So, that’s what I did. Gig after gig, I got better and better. Meka from 2DopeBoyz, another great friend of mine, can tell you about my progression because he’s seen it first hand. I can also say that bout his DJ’ing. The kid taught himself about 2 years ago and just finished DJ’ing a Kendrick Lamar show for BET 2 weekends ago lol. AWESOME SHIT. Oh, I hosted that show too. I digress.

Point I’m trying to make is I’m on the verge of closing in on a big hosting gig in the coming weeks and it just hit me: I DESERVE THIS. I put in work to get to where I’m at. It’s been a long and tiresome road, but I wouldn’t travel it any different. And that’s how I believe you guys should look at it as well. “You Deserve This.” You’ve EARNED those stripes. You’ve went to war to be recognized for what you’re good at. So, before this day is done? Relish in what you’ve accomplished and get RIGHT back on the grind to earn more!

Alright, I’m hungry and I been working hard all morning. Hope you guys understand where I’m coming from.

Ok, Bye

Low “I Deserve This Grilled Chicken Wrap In My Fridge” Key

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 12)

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This industry, no scratch that, this LIFE we live is competitive as all hell. Every day we’re fighting for a top position on every totem pole. Whether it be financially, socially, career wise…we’re all looking for a top slot. And within that journey to the top we tend to forget, ignore, knock down those that are assisting us with said tasks. And it’s not on purpose, it’s just we feel like there’s not enough time to look back and say “I Appreciate You.”

It’s no mystery we ALL want to succeed, but let’s look at the spot we’re all in right now. Someone helped you get to that point right? If not solely helped you, but had SOMETHING to deal with it? You appreciate them for that right? Have you told them? A quick text, phone call, email, g-chat, aim message, tweet….something. It doesnt have to be long and drawn out, just a quick “Yo, I appreciate you. Have a great day.” That type of talk goes a LONG way.

Some of you are probably in a relationship that’s hit its bumps in the road every now and then. He/She may nag you from time to time or bug you about things you need to be doing or should be doing. 9/10, it’s not out of jealousy, but simply encouraging you to do better and better. Appreciate them for that effort. It takes a lot out of someone to remind ANOTHER person to be better at whatever it is they’re doing. They’re doing it to see you succeed, not to give you a headache. I know you may be gritting your teeth to this, but sit back and observe the times they’ve so called “nagged” you. If that issue revolves around the betterment of you and your life, show your appreciation.

This isn’t really long and drawn out as my last joints, but I was in the shower this morning thinking about how sometimes I don’t appreciate my TRUE friends who push and pull with me on a daily basis about becoming a better person and better “brand.” Over the past two days, I’ve received “pep talks” and “im proud of texts” conversation from key people in my life who’ve seen me grow from my early years in college to this very day. And to those people, I appreciate you. Sincerely.

My Dad just started reading these entries not to long ago. A book he gave me about a month ago inspired me to start posting these “Dear Readers” up because it triggered something in my brain. In addition, these are used as a self-reflection for the things I’ve been going through over the past months. It’s helped…A LOT. But in all honesty, it wouldn’t have been possible if that book wasn’t placed in my hands. And I have my Dad to thank for that. So Papa LowKey? If you’re reading this, which I know you are. I appreciate you Big Homey! Hey look, I haven’t cursed yet lol. I know he’s proud about that lmao.

Let’s get back to the email responses: LKUHTN@Gmail.com. Hit me up with a quick “Who I Appreciate” message of who you appreciate and why. I don’t need names, but just briefly describe the person and the role they’ve played in your life and WHY you appreciate them.

I’d like to send my sincerest condolences to the family of Chris Lighty. RIP.

OK, Bye.


Low “UHTN readers? I appreciate the hell out of you guys.” Key