Video: @CaseyVeggies Vs @RealSway In The Morning

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One of the seasoned youngins in the game, Casey Veggies pays a visit to Sway In The Morning to talk his debut Live & Grow, competing with his West coast counterparts and even gives a couple bars to end things off. September 25th, Live & Grow drops.

Exclusive: UHTN Interviews Thoth Set

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For those of you who don’t know, Thoth Set is duo consisting of Pitchblack and Doc Phibes. They recently released the music video for “Lay It Down”, which appears on their latest project, Abraxas Vol. 1. In this exclusive interview with UHTN, the duo speaks on their upcoming music, favorite project, movies, and more. Check out the full interview below!

UHTN: You guys released your new video for “Lay It Down” on July 21st. What was it like shooting the video? Part of the video was shot in a desert, right?

Pitchblack: It was unreal. Especially the shots we got with the bus on the strip. The whole thing was such a blessing. Not too many people get to live out their dreams, but that was this whole shoot for me. The stars in the desert sky I will not soon forget.

Doc Phibes: When we shot Lay It Down out in Las Vegas, it was insane. Max Flick (the director) is a genius, and we were able to pull of some really ambitious footage. It was awesome having Giano Green there to take part in it (shoutout to him). I’ve always loved the desert and shooting out there was surreal, out in the middle of nowhere with a whole lighting rig illuminating the desert, it was incredible. We definitely created some memories alongside an epic video, which we know the fans will enjoy.

UHTN: Your last project, Abraxas Vol. 1, featured “Oh My God”, “Trumpets Blow”, and “Lay It Down”. Will Abraxas Vol. 2 have a similar vibe? What can fans expect?

Pitchblack: In my opinion, Abraxas vol. 2 will show a more evolved side of the brand. This work will have a lot more personality to it. I am very proud of our progress artistically and as a movement.

Doc Phibes: Abraxas vol. 2 is definitely going to be an evolution of Thoth Set. I’m hungry, and am ready to further our position in this buisness, and show the world what we’re all about. I definitely think Abraxas Vol. 2 will give more insight for our fans regarding our message/philosophy.

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Video: @1Future Doesn’t Want You To Be Trapped In The Hood

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Future stopped by Flex the other night to promote his #1 album, Dirty Sprite 2 and discussed being a product of the hood and being proud to make it out. The ATL superstar went on to promote that while it’s good to claim where you’re from, it’s also even BETTER to get OUT of that environment.

Video: Slaughterhouse Vs @EBROInTheAM

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Them Slaughterhouse boys hit up Ebro In The AM for some talk time with Ebro In The AM about the Southpaw movie, their sophomore album, Drake and Meek’s recent feud and some other fun shit.

Video: JEEZY Explains How $2 Million Ended Up On The Cover Of ‘Thug Motivation 101′

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Aside from it being National Tequila Day, we’re two days away from celebrating the 10 year release of Young Jeezy’s solo classic, Thug Motivation 101. In this short clip with Complex, JEEZY explains how he didn’t want fake money on his album cover so he made one phone call to bring in $2 million in REAL cash to replace the phony. SHIT!

Video: @JoeBudden Says He Would Do An Album With @JustBlaze

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Joe Budden stopped by Ebro In The Morning to give his side of the Nicki/Meek blunder that occurred some odd days ago, the All Love Lost project coming out in October and what it entails, dealing with his past women, therapy, dogs and much more! Ebro talks to Joe about having one producer do an album for him and he selected Just Blaze. I’m definitely here for that

Ghostface Killah To Action Bronson: “You Know A Lot Of People Don’t Make It Through The Summer.”

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Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i guess the Summer of 2015 has officially arrived. Action Bronson was on Sports Nation a couple days ago where he kind of put his flag in the sand in regarding comparisons to him and Ghost. Well Mr. Face got WIND of Action’s bold comments and issued a STERN warning to the NYC rhyme slinger. Oh, while Teddy P was playing in the background. Hope this stays on wax as Ghost was making some serious serious threats.

Video: @YG Talks The Making Of His New Single “Twist My Fingaz”

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YG talks to Power 106 about the making of his new Terrace Martin produced single, “Twist My Fingaz”

Video: YG Says His Daughter Was Just At Studio Before He Got Shot

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YG goes more in-depth about the night he was shot at an L.A. studio in which he claims he was living at the time. Other topics include his new single “Twist My Fingers”, his sophomore album Still Krazy and much more.


Video: @thisisIRV, @Eauxzown & @KLEPONE Pay A Visit To @EbroInTheAM

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This is freaking DOPE! Irv, Jose and Klep sat with HOT 97’s Ebro In The AM to officially introduce #TheGreatestDayEver to the Tri-State area AND the world. Ebro talks to the trio about their come up with #BrunchBounce and #TheGreatestDayEver Festival which is THIS Saturday (tickets are still available now). It’s EXTREMELY dope to see these guys get this type of shine so the world can see what they’ve been cooking up in Washington Heights.