Video: A$AP Rocky Speaks On Rita Ora, A.L.L.A, & More

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A$AP Rocky recently stopped by Hot 97 to chop it up with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. Rocky speaks on his Rita Ora lyric, his new album, “Dope” the movie, A$AP Yams, and more. Check it out above!

Video: Just Who In The Hell Is Boogie?

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Last year, Los Angeles rapper Boogie dropped his first and only mixtape, Thirst 48. In retrospect, it was easily one of the most slept-on projects of 2014. (Our friends at Pigeons and Planes did try to put us on.) It’s no wonder it was overlooked though; the project didn’t feature a song like Dej Loaf’s “Try Me” or ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday”—viral sensations that were able to transform previously unknown rappers into leaders of the new school. However, it did showcase an artist with a refined, mellow sound and a refreshing outlook on life. But the 25-year-old rapper born Anthony Dixson need not worry, we get the feeling a lot of people are gonna wake up once they hear his Jahlil Beats produced banger, “Oh My.”The song’s video has been out since April and it’s managed to amass over 450,000 views on YouTube. Not bad, but not quite viral just yet. But with it’s instantly quotable hook and high-octane energy, it’s a surefire summer anthem (and we’re not the only ones who think so) and a song that could help break Boogie. And just in time too, he’s aiming for his next project, The Reach, to drop on June 24 (roughly a year after Thirst 48). He also claims he’s being courted by several labels but is tight-lipped about just who. So we expect you’ll be hearing a lot more about Boogie. So before the floodgates open, we got up with him to talk about how going to church​​ got him into rapping, how he got shot in his foot, and why he’s critical of our thirsty generation obsessed with social media. Find out Who Is Boogie?

Video: Shelly Nicole Of The ILL Table Sits Down With Steven “Stevo” Dingle

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If your familiar with OG Maco then you need to meet the man behind the major moves, Steven Dingle aka Stevo, is somebody that should motivate you to want to be successful if you are in the music industry. OG Maco has been on my radar for a long time now and Stevo was the main reason I latched on, his blatant confidence in the young emcee is the reason these 2 are reaching the plateaus they do. But of course, none of this happens overnight, it takes plenty of hard work and determination. But more importantly you must have a dope product that you stand behind.

I came across a recent interview with Stevo as he sits down with Shelly Nicole of The Ill Table. Stevo goes into detail about his management style, working closely with OG Maco & how it feels to be apart of the successful end of the music grind. Check out the full interview above.

Video: Chinx’s Last Radio Appearance

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Exactly 1 week ago Chinx was gunned down and eventually led to his fatal (early) death. Investigations are still on-going at this moment and I will be sure to keep everyone posted if any new details arise.

3 days before his murder, Chinx made an appearance on DJ Kay Slay’s radio show alongside Zack (French Montana’s Brother). This would unfortunately be the last time Chinx would set foot in a studio or camera. Its actually sad to watch because Chinx was really catching his stride and all the hard work he had been previously putting in, was coming to fruition. SMH, RIP Chinx.

Video: Young Dro Interview With The Breakfast Club

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Young Dro was the latest guest on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. While there he touched on a wide range of topics including his recent jail experience, Fantasia, T.I. & much more.

Video: Footaction Presents Style Means Vol. IV: The Man Behind The Ink

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As his name would suggest, Kid Ink might be best known for his head to toe tattoos and high energy flow on stage, but we caught up with him to talk about his life and style when he’s not performing. Using Ink’s love for comic books as a theme throughout the segment, the latest installment of Footaction’s Style Means series gives us a deeper look at the LA based rapper on the verge of super stardom! #OwnIt

Video: Beanie Sigel & Freeway Discuss Jay-Z B-Sides Concert

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Beanie Sigel and Freeway hit up Philly’s Boom 107.9 and discuss this past weekend’s monuments Jay-Z’s B-Side concert. Beans also hints at some possible upcoming Roc-a-Fella/State Property music in the works.

Video: Dame Dash: “How Could Kevin Hart Say No To “Paper Soldiers 2″? Unless He’s A Scumbag..”

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Dame Dash checks in with DJ Drama and Gangsta Gillz to discuss everything Dame Dash. A lot of the chatter is some of the same commentary we’re accustomed to hearing from Dame, but Drama brings out some interesting tidbits from Mr. Dash. Dame confirms that there will be sequels to Paper Soldiers, Paid In Full and a third installment to State Property. He also believes that Kevin Hart will DEFINITELY be in the sequel to Paper Soldiers. INTERESTING!


Video: Killer Mike Joins Snoop Dogg On The Latest Episode Of GGN

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On this episode of GGN, Nemo Hoes chops it up with 1/2 of Run The Jewels, Killer Mike, about his beginnings with Outkast to being ranked one of the best performers at Coachella. Also, Stormy Fronts gives us the weather forecast for her deep gap.

Video: Vic Mensa Returns To Real Late With @RosenbergRadio

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Vic Mensa makes his return to Real Late With Rosenberg on HOT 97.