Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 18)

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That shit was dope right? You worked your ASS off yo get to THIS point because you just knew you were good enough to land in that specific position. The accolades and kind gestures have you feeling like a fucking/Queen because you worked so hard getting to THAT point. Can’t no one really tell you shit right now, huh? Man, this is a high that you would love to ride out till the motherfucking wheels fall off. Can it get any better? YES, YOU COMPLACENT FOOL! Follow me real quick.

This high? This monumental feeling of achievement that’s running through your body right now? Yeah, this isn’t SHIT compared to what you’ll feel when you REALLY get things rolling. This is just the tip of the iceberg; the game starts NOW. We work so hard to get to certain places in our life because we want the smell, taste and touch of success. It’s something we’ve desired since we could count from 1 to 10 without our parents helping us. Or when we walked from the couch to Mommy/Daddy’s arms for the first time. You screamed, laughed and giggled not because your parents were doing it but because that was your FIRST taste of success. And though you probably couldn’t actually say “YES, I SUCCEEDED” you were smart enough to understand you accomplished something great early in your life.

This is THAT. You accomplished something great in your life, but lordy lordy lordy it only gets better. But the trick is not to get lost in the shuffle. Not to get lost in the congratulations from every corner of your life. There’s a pie baking in the oven right now; it’s called HUMBLE. It comes in alllll different flavors too. Best thing about HUMBLE Pie? It’s FREE! Let me tell you a little story about when EYE had to serve myself a WHOLE HUMBLE Pie.

My last year at Howard University I received the On-Air Personality of the Year Award for Black College Radio. I believe this was back in April of 2005. Man was I on a fucking high. And because I was on a high? I thought I was going to land a NICE gig coming out of school. My logic was: I’m the hottest thing smoking in black college radio, where’s my JOB? Boy was I wrong and clueless as to how shit worked in the radio lol. Needless to say, I didn’t get a job in radio. I mean I got a job, but it was at the Front Desk of a Double Tree Hotel lol. You see where I’m going? I got complacent and wanted the world to come to me instead of going out into the world and taking what was mine.

Being on 106 & Park is NO different. You know what? I’m going to act like that shit didn’t even happen (not really, but u get what I’m saying lol). I smelled success yesterday. Not even smelled it, I got a WHIFF of it and BOY was that shit delicious. I want MORE. But I’m going to be SMART about how I attempt to obtain it. So I want you guys to take this lesson specifically and apply it to your grind, struggle, hustle and journey. Complacency is NOT the answer. Hell it’s almost like a mental drug and can turn TOXIC if it’s abused. Got it? Good. I out.

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 4)

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Nigga why are you here? Lol, I know it came off rude and obnoxious but I just wanted your attention. But no, in all seriousness, why are you where you are right now? Why are you sitting in that office chair reading this blog? Why are you in that Starbucks sipping that (insert weird coffee type here) which is probably mixed with Jack Daniels because happy hour started 12 minutes ago? Why are you on that couch in your shorts listening to whatever tune you downloaded illegally from one of my homies blogs. And by homies I mean the New Music Cartel. So….did you answer those inquiries yet? Why are you here?

Fuck is your purpose? Have you recognized your purpose at your job? In that relationship? In that friendship? In that campaign you just signed on to be apart of? Seriously. We go through life moving from job to job, chick to chick/nigga to nigga, check to check without questioning the purpose of being there in the first place. Rarely do we ask ourselves, “Ok, what am I going to learn from this situation?” Why is that? Do we not care about purpose anymore? Have we stopped defining roles when it comes to certain things? What’s good with that?

Like I’ve stated before, I’m starting to realize a lot of new things lately. It’s like you guys are getting a glimpse of how my brain is currently churning. Kind of fun because you get to go through this transition with me. But back to “purpose.” There’s a purpose for everything. I think we’ve lost sight of serving a specific purpose when it comes to situations in our life. We’re just so used to going through the motions that we don’t implement purpose because it probably causes a headache. Or maybe no one even ASKS us what “purpose” we’re attempting to serve. Right?

Someone SORT of asked me what my purpose in life is lately. It wasn’t direct, but the inquiry definitely sparked today’s entry. But the thing is, it’s not just with work. What’s your purpose in that domestic situation you’re currently in? I know ALL of us are in SOME kind of domestic situation right now lol. Whether ya’ll are just fucking, causal daters, mental mates……whatever. Do you know your purpose? Has your purpose in that situation been defined so both parties are on the same page? Seriously, just step back and ask yourself…”What am I doing here?”

I wanna here from you guys. You can email me if you want OR hit me on Twitter….whatever. I’m just curious as to what your purpose is in life right now. My purpose you ask? Well when it comes to UHTN? It’s a provider and outlet for new and hot music. Moreso for NEW music and NEW artist because the title BLEEDS that. I’m not going to front, there comes a time where I get PIIIIIIIIIIIISED off with how people approach me via email and in person because they want to get “exposure.” But then….I took a MEAN step back and thought “Hey DICKHEAD, your site is called “YOUHEARDTHATNEW” why WOULDN’T they approach you?” That’s my PURPOSE right? To put on the unsigned fella who deserves a chance to be heard. That’s MY purpose. So I will serve that purpose with a smile. I almost lost sight of that purpose but I got it back now.

So before I leave to go get my haircut in preparation for my trip to Toronto tomorrow, I want to make sure you guys know your purpose. Even if you don’t tell me, write it down in your phone. “My purpose is….” Accomplish that purpose everyday you wake up. And if you don’t want to? Find a new purpose so you can vacate THAT purpose for the NEXT nigga attempting to serve THAT purpose. Cool? Cool.

Ok, bye!


Low “I SERIOUSLY have to learn to eat at the proper times. Still no food in my belly since yesterday at 8pm. SMH” Key

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 3)

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How do YOU deal with adversity? No be honest with me right now. Do you curse said adversity in your head for the rest of the day because your plan is off track? Do you attempt to understand why the adversity decided to plant itself front row in your life that very day? I can tell you, pending on what mood I’m in? My ass might stop everything I’m doing to throw a fit. I seriously have to grow up sometimes lol.

Lately, it’s been that way. Adversity has planted itself DIRECTLY in front of me and being I’m the stubborn type, I pretty much said “Oh, since you’re not going to move out my way, I’m not going to do anything either.” How dumb is that logic? I mean I don’t implement that mindset all the time, but lately it’s like adversity likes to see me #React lol.

But my mindset is a little clearer. Well today it is. See there’s a lil shift going on around these parts, and by parts I mean the parts in my brain lol. I’m realizing self worth within my own lane. It’s like once you get out YOUR own way? God opens doors open up for you in ways you never thought you could imagine. But here’s the kicker, everyone is NOT going to move at YOUR pace. But that’s PERFECTLY fine. They might be ahead of your curve or behind it. Once you realize their position? It gives you a better perspective on where to place them in your plan. I’m sure they’re thinking the same thing about you.

My father always told me, “People aren’t going to think like you…that’s just the reality.” In my head I was just question things people did and think it was the stupidest thing they could do because it just didn’t make sense to me. To this very day I do. But since I’m a little older, the other part of my brain reminds me they aren’t me and I’m not them. I swear, you realize SO much shit when you live alone lol. Oh shut up, I know I’m not the only one lol.

So yeah, when you have a moment today think back to last situation dealing with adversity and try to remember how you dealt with it. How did you react and how did you get to the end result? Did you pout? Did you plot? I’m curious as to what you did. I mean I’ve kind of figured out my way of dealing with shit, but insight from you guys would help future situations. Ahhh, these entries feel pretty damn good. They’ll only get better in the future. Ok, off to the city. Well not really, trying to decide if I want this left over Chinese which will be heavy as fuck on my stomach OR a deli sandwich in the city when I leave in a few hours. Who knows lol.

Ok, bye.


LowI wish I had a personal chef in my house…or a girl who will cook when I make a certain face.” Key

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 2)

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It’s obvious: I’m a weirdo. And sometimes that prohibits me from being creative, honest and open. I mean, look at today’s society, some of us scale back from being our true personalities because we don’t want to have to go through the hardships of explaining our quirky ways. For me? It’s just the simple fact of explaining myself. I HATE that shit.

Sometimes I live in this bubble of explaining stuff to myself and once I come to the realization of understanding why I operate a certain way, I shut off the world, or those around me, because I’ve come to the conclusion of what I’m dealing with. That’s not ALWAYS the best thing lol. But I KNOW I’m not the ONLY one who thinks like that either.

Maybe it’s because I’m unhappy with certain dynamics in my life that I choose to figure out things on my own because people don’t get how I function. Again, I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way lol. I’m probably the only one to openly admit it. I gotta stop being so stubborn sometimes. Nah fuck that, I have a right to be stubborn. Ok let me pull back lol.

Maybe it’s because I want to channel so much creativity that explaining stuff to people I feel like I’ll either lose out on what I’m trying to accomplish or have my bubble busted. You know that feeling when conjure up something so fucking awesome and then have that shit STRIPPED DOWN? Man that feeling sucks, BUT it’s needed. As I grow older and take this working for myself shit head on, there will be times where people strip down your shit. And not because they hate you, but because they know you can do better. I guess this is me realizing I have to stop being so stubborn. Only with certain folks, the rest of you…KEEP BACK lol.

Maybe that’s why I’m so open to criticism when it comes to hosting because I really value the experience it’s bringing to my life. I’ll be honest, blogging is fucking BORING at times. Hell, MOST of the time. For ME, not saying in general. A lot of my peers enjoy this stuff and I’m happy for them, but I’ve yet to find anything connected to blogging that gives me the urge to go harder. That’s until hosting came along.

See with hosting, I can re-discover my passion for blogging while fine tuning another while helping new artists get heard. It wasn’t till recently I was told by a peer of mine that I have the voice and ability to change some peoples way of living. I mean I understood it, but things are always different when someone else lays on the table for you. I don’t know, I just wanted to share that lil thought with you guys.

As stated yesterday, you’ll get one of these everyday: short, medium, long and/or super long. My creativity is slowly coming back. So…thanks guys for listening. Oh, if you’re in the NYC are tonight I’ll be hosting down at Katra for this event called “Intermix.” Open bar at 8pm sponsored by Toma Vodka. RSVP here —–>! Ok bye!


Low “I’m hungry as fuck. But do I eat now or wait till I get to the city?” FUCK!” Key

Dear Reader, Let’s Talk (Day 1)

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*Turns on “What We Talking ‘Bout” By Jay-Z*

Let’s face it, I need to be more engaging around these parts. Twitter has gotten in the way with how I communicate. Don’t get me wrong, rambling on on those Twitter streets is always entertaining, but it’s come to my attention, on my own merit not anyone else’s, that I don’t write as much as I use to.

Back when I would get 90 visits per day to my site, when blogging held a different meaning to me, I would commence every day with a slew of personal and industry thoughts. No punches pulled, I just laid it out on this empty eCanvas and let people take it for what it was. I’ve lost sight of that. Now? Now it’s making sure I’m caught up with whatever the competition has or hasn’t posted and applying my own focus to the piece of content being plastered in front of your very eyes.

Why? Well it’s a rat race. A boring one if I might add. Which in turn frustrates you to not want to be creative because now I’ve been conditioned to believe that all the reader wants is that download link or the ability to press play on the latest song/and or video being released. Peer pressure often urges you to duck out on what makes YOU the most comfortable in hopes of being recognized by the masses. Least that’s what it seems like to me….hence why I stopped writing these long winded posts because I felt no one cared about my thoughts or whatever. So, I took it to Twitter, but that place is over saturated with narcissism that sometimes you yourself get fully involved which makes you JUST as bad if not worse.

But fuck all that, I want to talk to you guys like I did back in the day. I’d wake up, turn on an episode of “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” which was created by Aaron Sorkin, who oddly enough created the new HBO series that I’m also in love with, Newsroom. Coincidence you might say?

God, is a funny dude. Both shows inspire me to write and think. Don’t ask me why, well no…ask me why. The lessons, the internal struggles between the characters (both shows), connecting the dots between the old and the young…it’s all there. I mean I’m not a News show freak, but I love the to watch the inner workings of things and how they operate. Newsroom is just that.

Anyway, I’m getting frustrated writing this because I want to say the right thing to trigger you guys to look forward into reading more, but it’s not coming out like I penned it in my brain this morning. But that’s ok, life is full of frustrations and what not. But the tricky things is how you deal with those frustrations. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty much frustrated with A LOT of shit right now. Who knows when the funk will be lifted either. But I do know things could be worse.

This post was nothing but a mere announcement that I plan on talking to you guys a lot more in the future. I could have just hit Twitter and used 140 characters to say so, but this is more personal. I PLAN to write a post EVERYDAY. Whether it be short, medium long or REAL long, you will get a post of some sort of dialogue from yours truly. Ok, I’m getting even more frustrated. Im out.


Low “Boy I’m annoyed and it’s only Monday” Key