New Music: @Gucci1017 – C.N.O.T.E. Vs. Gucci Intro

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Gucci Mane shows no signs of slowing up as he will be delivering a new mixtape titled C.N.O.T.E. Vs. Gucci. Tonight we get the title track of the project that will be dropping on Christmas Day.

New Music: Young Gii – That Ain’t Enough

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Chicago MC Young Gii releases “That Ain’t Enough,” the second single from his upcoming EP Islands to the City.

New Music: @DrePrinceBK feat. @BlueTheMisfit – “All Around The World”

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When most rappers list their priorities, money tops the list, with sex a distant second or third. Booth newcomer Dre Prince is cut from a different cloth; for the Austin, Texas buzzmaker, success has always meant getting it in with beautiful women All Around the World. An exclusive world premiere, the artist’s latest single finds him waxing poetic about his many conquests over a grimy, dissonant synth beat by X The Misfit. Alive auteur Blue, The Misfit contributes guest rhymes. Like what you’re hearing? Then keep it locked for more fresh singles leading up to the fall 2015 release of Dre’s next LP, “Golden Child”.

New Music: @larceblake – ‘Balmes EP’ via @FutureBeatsRec

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Larce Blake has finally debuted his long-awaited debut Balmes (ball-miss). The 5 track EP was released internationally through London based record label FutureBeats Records, a joint venture between DJ Complexion (who hosts The Future Beats Radio Show every Sunday in the UK on Westside 89.FM) and DJ Yaz. The 5 track EP pays homage to Larce’s hometown in the Philippines and features warm Korg pianos, deep bass and smooth synths. Balmes is a testament of the progress the 20 year old producer has made and a glimpse of where he’s going. Check out Balmes below.

Video: @Gee_Watts feat. Riley – “Symptoms”

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Distant Dreams artist Gee Watts has been silently moving within the internet and the streets, establishing his gruff voice in the Rap game. The Missouri emcee is preparing his next album, Kansas City State of Mind, for 2015 and releases the first video from that project. It keeps up the high quality visuals that he’s been putting out along with the bleak, street rhymes. “Symptoms” speaks on the tell tale signs of those who have become a product of their environment instead of vice versa.

New Music: @VAThaGray feat. Shawn Chrystopher – “Lyrical Cleansing”

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Calling out his competition and their sub-par bars, V.A. gives fair warning to his competition letting them know the city is his for the taking. Guest rhymes courtesy of Inglewood’s Shawn Chrystopher adds an extra finesse to the track when speaking on the constant grind and sleepless nights to put this life into perspective. “I came for the cash, that other shit you can keep. Aint no milli in your bank, then how you n*ggas is sleep?”

Mixtape: @JayDeeKell – ‘Muddy Melodies’

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Jay Kell drops off his 1st full length project entitled, ‘Muddy Melodies’. The project is a drawn out conversation between Kell and himself.

The Friday Feature: @WhatYaSayTuge – Clean Clothes

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For this weeks edition of The Friday Feature I am showcasing a POWERFUL visual from the homie TUGE. On “Clean Clothes” TUGE decides to dig deep and gives his perspective on the plethora of national headlines floating around. The video takes place in a dark and erie environment where you have no choice but to look over your back and jump at every sound you might hear. While different movie clips, news coverage and other footage rolls with heavy use of the “N” word TUGE sets the tone given all the recent racial tensions throughout the country.

TUGE has a dope voice, its raspy yet clear but he gets the point across with his vicious speedy flow. While TUGE spews bar after bar random clips of different times in history are rolling in the background and it just sets the tone for everything about this record. Around the 2:30 mark the beat fades out and a chanting is incorporated and TUGE just slays the record from that point forward. All around this was a powerful video that gets to the point of what is wrong in America. Though we should never forget the progress we have made, there is still a long way to go.

I also included his new 4 track EP …and also with you which can be found after the jump. Read More

Mixtape: @Lightshow10thPL – ‘The Way I See It’

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Lightshow gives us a great project with the release of ‘The Way I See It.’ With 22-tracks, Lightshow shows why he’s one of the next up and one of D.C.’s top talents. Give it a listen.

New Music: Wara From the NBHD – “Brockett Road Rage”

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Ending the year with a bang, Wara From the NBHD delivers a hardcore loosie that gives listeners an idea of what to expect with his If Guns Could Speak EP, which is slated to release Jan. 26. Produced by Wara and Henry Shoultz, “Brockett Road Rage” is a hailstorm of aggressive raps atop a whirlwind of edgy guitars and percussion.

“Brockett Road is the street that I grew up on,” explains Wara From the NBHD. “It’s literally 15 minutes outside of Atlanta on the Eastside in the city of Clarkston. I’ve seen everything from robbing to shooting to crackheads, literally everything, and a lot of it is the typical low income situation in black communities, but what im talking about is just the tipping point of the subject matter on If Guns Could Speak and where my future content is headed.”