New EP: Your Old Droog – The Nicest

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Right in time for the weekend, Your Old Droog, one of NYC’s rising stars, releases his new 7 song EP, The Nicest. Stream it, below!

EP: @_ILLFIGHTYOU_ – Cash In The Bathroom

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Tacoma rap group, ILLFIGHTYOU, released their new EP earlier today! The group consists of UGLYFRANK, EvergreenOne, Khris P, and LOU SWANG. If you’re looking for some new music to get into, I definitely suggest giving this a listen. Check it out below.


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As another cycle of the artistic cycle comes full circle, much like the season itself, the AUTUMN phase concludes the creative journey for the artist. Warmer days are fewer and farther between, but in the days before we buckle down for the frost of WINTER again, the AUTUMN season allows for an introspective harvest of all of the vibrations and energy the creative has put forth across the past year.

The end result is a warm, welcoming foundation of sounds that still carry the radiance of the SUMMER days just past, combined with a more frank and cool understanding that the upcoming cold grip of WINTER is not to be feared, but celebrated as the introduction to yet another period to grow and mature.

EP: @YungReno – Crown Royal

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The Crown Royal EP is Yung Reno’s latest offering and his first sponsored project on DatPiff. The project provides a short but sweet listen. The tracklist was handpicked by Reno and his in-house team to accomplish a smooth feel even for the range of tracks. Crown Royal features artists Krown Royale, Kheprisa, and DelaSTACKx. The organic reactions to his latest visual “Erase You” gave the EP release great momentum.

EP: @ChaiTulani – #PocketJuice

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Chicago’s own Chai Tulani is kicking off summer with something to quench your thirst — #PocketJuice. Premiering via Level-Up! Magazine the 8-track EP is the story of a young artist climbing the proverbial mountain. Jobs, problems and love are the heaviest weights on the shoulders of a 20-something, but Chai Tulani flips the script into positive vibes and messages of motivation. Tulani’s Kenyan roots and Chicago influence blend into a unique fusion of jammable records and colliding of cultures. The young emcee is taking the Windy City by storm, validating new styles of alternative hip hop. His can-do attitude makes his journey of personal growth an exciting one to witness. It’s summertime and the heat is on — don’t be caught without your #PocketJuice.

EP: Jimmy Stoner – Planet Stoner

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Jimmy Stoner releases his new EP with “Planet Stoner.” On this EP, Jimmy shows off his own sound & packs his music with a bunch of sounds. We get 5-new tracks on this EP, check ito ut.

EP: Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest

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Havoc and Prodigy link up once again for this new EP titled Survival Of The Fittest. Stream it below via Spotify.

EP: @FMPIFF – The Claim

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Eight years on the hip hop scene is enough to call yourself a veteran, and perfecting the craft in a neighborhood just south of downtown Chicago is a venture tough for any man to conquer. But PVM (aka PiffVonMar) has taken the claim to the top in a progressive light, breathing a new air into the Windy City. Hard work and speaking truth are not only staples of his style, but life mantras and morals to live by. Having an inspirational family in his corner feeds the drive to move forward. Today, PVM celebrates “The Claim EP” release — the first out of the emcee’s vault after a three year hiatus to perfect an organic sound.

The 13 tracks and short documentary celebrate the victory of making it so far, but outline the journey ahead and what it takes to claim a spot at the top. Listen to “The Claim” and find out what PVM is all about.

EP: @KiddUpstairs – To Crown A Child

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Oakland native Kidd Upstairs comes through with his new project, To Crown A Child! Stream the EP below!

You can purchase it via iTunes here.

EP: @awaremach5 – Midnight Strangers

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A.Ware’s saga continues with ‘Midnight Strangers’, the follow up to last year’s ‘Good Morning Midnight’. The project highlights a diverse sonic palette with equals parts dancehall, new wave and electronic music. Steam the full project and watch the official visuals for A.Ware’s “Believer” single.