Mix: @Soulection Radio Show #189

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Via Soulection Soundcloud (Playlist after the jump): Another great show full of amazing music from all over the world. I did this show from my hotel room in San Diego, shouts to Siene for helping me out. I got back after our Soulection event at club AD in downtown and put together this diverse track list of gems. I was limited on turn tables but still made it work. I talked only once on here and let the music take over so enjoy. We’ll be back next week with @beatsbyesta

We are also launching Soulection TV via our YouTube channel: youtube.com/soulection and will be uploading the video interviews from these shows. Stay tuned.

Catch you next week.

If you are interested in hearing all of our recent shows go here:

Find us on Instagram to see what goes on behind the scenes: instagram.com/soulection

Photo by (instagram.com/asatoiida) / Design by @Sangobeats
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New Mix: @OfficialDJQ – Soundcloud Mix 10.8.14

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Stay in the mix with Dallas-based DJ Q HERE and HERE.

MIXES: OG Mattress & The Bass6 – Lucid Dreams Vol. 15

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For 105 days out of 365 days this year you got a total of 15 mixes from the Czar of Snooze and our faithful partners and Smashmouth Entertainment’s The Bass6. We have some bigger things in motion for our Snoozinati crew so with that being said this is the last volume of our turn-up mix known as Lucid Dreams.

New Music – @Disclosure feat. @SamSmithWorld & @ScHoolboyQ – “Latch (Remix)”

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Better late than never, I guess, as ScHoolboy Q lays a verse to Disclosure’s international smash hit “Latch”. As hip hop and electronic music continue to transcend each other’s genre boundaries, Q’s joining of the party is both welcomed and not without precedent. Previous uptempo, higher BPM cuts from Q (see “Hell Of A Night,” “To Tha Beat”) have been met with high regard. Check out the track below.

New Music: @Raury – “Cigarette Song (@SnakehipsUK Remix)”

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Atlanta’s “great teenage hope” gets the remix treatment from UK-based duo Snakehips. Great summertime tunes.

@Lil_Silva feat. @hernameisBANKS – “Don’t You Love (SBΛCΞ BedroomTrap Remix)”

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Stand up, Sacramento.

Jamie xx Debuts New James Blake Song on BBC Radio

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Benji B’s off, so Jamie xx steps in to guest-present the show. There’s exclusive mixes from John Talabot & Nic Tasker. Modeselektor pick three records and James Blake swings by and drops off some exclusive new music.

Listen to the full two hour set HERE (new James Blake track around the 28 minute mark).

New Mix: @HannahFaith__ – ‘Heights’

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New mix from London-based DJ Hannah Faith. Perfect summervibe. Tracklist after the jump.
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New Mix: @Soulection Radio Show #179

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“Felt good to return with another stacked show full of forgotten music that I think you should rediscover or learn of. I have to say that since i’ve started my show on Rinse, it has been the toughest 4 weeks as far as preparing and performing the show. It’s all part of the legacy though. I have never had to dig this hard in my life! I really kept this show smooth and highlighted a lot of neo-soul and melodic tracks. No matter how advanced or “future” the music keeps getting, I can’t help but go back to my roots. We are still fighting a never ending battle against the majors which is why we have to dig harder but at the end of it all it will all be alright.

Stay tuned for some great special guests to come on the show soon. Spread the word, tell a friend.” – Joe Kay
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@DJScratch @JPeriodBK: The Big Payback, The 45s – Vol. 1

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Today, master Turntablist DJ Scratch and musicologist J. Period release The Big Payback a two disc mixtape which pays homage to the pioneer of hip-hop James Brown. There is no way to reduce the importance of James Brown’s music to hip-hop in 25 examples because without James Brown there is no hip-hop (not to mention any other forms of modern club or dance related music). And that applies whether you’re talking hip-hop constructed via samples, or played by keyboard or band, or built from (turntable) scratch. The Big Payback emphasizes the premise that celebrated the range of James’ influence on hip-hop over different eras. Read More