Checkout The Official Tracklist For @ChrisBrown & @Tyga’s Fan Of A Fan Album

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Chris Brown and Tyga are currently gearing up to drop their collaborative album Fan Of A Fan on February 24th and today they have unveiled the official tracklist. It includes features Ty Dolla $ign, 50 Cent, Pusha T, Wale, T.I., Schoolboy Q and more. Hit the jump for the tracklist. Read More

.@BigSean Covers Complex Magazine

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Big Sean is gearing up to release his new album and Complex just announced that he’ll be covering their February/March issue of the magazine. Check out the full cover story here.

#ThisISHOV97 Presented By @EBROInTheAM

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Ebro & The Team were all in first class of The Troll Train this morning as they fed into the rumors of HOV buying HOT 97 alongside Carmelo Anthony and some fancy investors. The Team joked about their new positions under HOV and what to expect from their new “BOSS.” Obviously things became a bit more official as Ebro broke down why HOV is NOT buying the station and logistics to go along with it. Things took an even FUNNIER turn as HOV’s right hand man, Memphis Bleek called in to add to the jokes. Good job, MTO lmao


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I woke up this morning like any other day and I hopped on my social media accounts where I spotted a RIP A$AP Yams picture on IG and sadly I found out that A$AP Yams whose government name is Steve Rodriguez had passed away. He was best know for creating and minting the A$AP brand and was a major piece in the success of both A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg’s music career. Sad to see another young man die, although nothing has been determined but there are talks of Codeine being involved but that is just hear say. For now lets celebrate this young mans life by the positive he did for others and most importantly for keeping his ear to streets for the next popping independent artist. Rest easy brother.

Skoundrels – Issue 1: Violent Content LookBook

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To kick off 2015, Skoundrels decided to unveil their new collection through a lookbook spread, presented in a manner that resembles a digital magazine. The fashion label cultivated their very own crime syndicates, with “The Fade Brigade”, “Skoundrel Scum Foundation” and the loosely titled “Skaters” shimmering in the spotlight. *The collection itself sports over five distinct items, including three graphic tees, one trucker hat and one skate deck. Skoundrels has an unorthodox way of accomplishing goals, but the schemes never manage to run off-course. The storylines unfold in a novel-like manner, as the portrayed characters come to life thanks to the efforts of Janáe Roubleau, Shane Gonzales (of Midnight Studios) + Slade, Matthew Baus and Max & Dino (of Not Exactly Human).

Be on the lookout for the South Florida-based brand to release this collection soon. Check out the full lookbook here and follow Skoundrels on Twitter here.


News: Are @MikeWillMadeIt & @1Future Working On A New Mixtape

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Mike Will Made It is gearing up for a huge 2015 as he prepares to drop his solo project Ransom and then following that up with Rae Sremmurds debut album SremmLife. There is also talks of a new Mike Will x Future collab tape in the works titled Ape Shit.

Check out what Mike Will had to say in an interview with XXL.

“It’s like a tape, really. Just something to just feed the streets right quick, ’cause at the end of the day me and Future do so many different types of music.
So [2013] I feel like it was more radio-driven and more pop, ’cause we worked on Miley’s album—I executive produced Miley’s album—then we did [Future’s] album, and he just did the Ape Shit. But me and him got so many songs, so I was like, people love when me and him come together anyway. So people would love a full project of that, you know.”

Beanie Sigel Shot In South Jersey

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Already? NBC Philadelphia is reporting that the recently released from prison, Beanie Sigel was shot in Pleasantville, NJ earlier this morning around 9:45am.

Reports are stating the Philly spitter was shot in his stomach after an altercation outside a Jersey Shore home. There’s no further information on how many times Beans was shot or what caused the altercation. But what is known is Beans is in surgery at the present moment.

More information will be presented when it’s available.


News: @NipseyHussle To Drop MailBoxMoney On 12/20

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Nipsey Hussle last released his Crenshaw project in 2013 you know the ones that were going for $100 a wop. Well Neighborhood Nip took to Twitter this morning to let fans know he will be dropping a new project titled Mailbox Money set to drop on December 20th.

.@ASAPFerg Partners With @VirginMegaUSA & Syracuse University For #TrapLordTakeOver

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The Trap Lord himself has partnered up with Virgin Mega and Syracuse University to release exclusive and limited gear. This gear is so limited that an app was built to have fans wait in line for it ‘til it drops. It’s called Virgin Mega, and it’s the only place where you can buy this collection. You can download the app from the iTunes app store here to get in line for the first drop. The first pieces will go on sale December 5th from 5:00pm EST – 6:00pm EST on Virgin Mega (with additional drops following on 12/8, 12/10 and into January). Trap Lord is bringing a never before seen sense of style to the 315 with a capsule collection of ‘Cuse-inspired gear. The Trap Lord Takeover collection features a stable of the brand’s most iconic designs, each reinterpreted to capture the uncontainable spirit that pulses throughout Syracuse. The ‘Cuse Takeover will even have a swag serf feeling like a Trap Lord. #TraplordTakeover season begins 12/5. For each school Virgin Mega designs a takeover for, a portion of proceeds will go towards a scholarship in the local community.

.@Al_Patron – Thirds Eye View 2 [Derek Jeter Excerpt]

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The 5th book from Al Patron serves as the sequel to the critically acclaimed debut book Thirds Eye View. Part 2 is aptly titled Thirds Eye View 2: Transparency, with the premise of allowing you, the readers, an opportunity to not only read a book but view a conversation between Al & himself. From his much maligned New York Knicks to the city that bears their name to why with tongue in cheek he calls himself Jesus; Al covers all bases as he hits another home run. Be prepared for your thoughts, emotions & your twisted sense of humor to be provoked in this highly anticipated scribe. Available Black Friday 11/28/14. Check out an excerpt from the Defer Jeter chapter, below! Preorder now at

“Check out my swag yo, I walk like a ballplayer, no matter where you go, you are what you are player & you can try to change but that’s just the top layer, man, you was who you was fore you got here…” – Jay-Z Christ

September 25, 2014 I was inspired to do something special. That is the date of Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium and truth be told I can’t believe I just wrote that. The captain of my beloved Yankees was in the midst of his last hoorah as I sat at home kicking myself with regret because I was not at The Stadium. Notice I said The Stadium because everyone with a pulse understands I meant Yankee Stadium; same way when I say The City, I mean New York City but we’ll address that later. As the camera pans into the stands, I notice everything from flashing lights, smiles and tears of both joy & sadness. And that is what 9/25/14 was, a culmination of the most celebrated and decorated champion of my city in my lifetime.

A little insight as to why I’m a Yankees fan. My grandfather would watch baseball anytime it was on TV; even those rotten ass NY Mess, I mean Mets. My grandparents had this big screen Zenith television in their room (which is why I love the line “like a 27 inch Zenith, believe it) and I’d watch most, if not all Yankee games with my grandfather, while Phil Rizzuto would do color commentary on WPIX 11 with his signature “Holy cow!” call. My love for the Yankees is deeper than the emblem’s ink tatted on my arm; it’s a symbol and bond that started with my grandfather that I hope to share with the youngsters in my family one day.

Even though Bernie Williams was/is my favorite baseball player, Derek Jeter was/is the king of NYC in my eyes. The final game had me going up the wall, standing up, hands on my knees, putting the volume up while I go grab a drink, clapping my hands, cursing the umpires & going apeshit as if I were in the stands myself. Then it happened, the Orioles down 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning, hit a 2 run homer then a solo shot to tie the game. My fucking night is ruined, I feel like vomiting, I want to turn the television off, grab a bottle of liquor & listen to music until I pass out. Then it happened again! All cynical bullshit aside, the Yankees who have given me more sports joy than both my other sports teams combined, the stink ass Jets (sorry Dap) and the fucking Knicks (I’ll get to those jackasses later). Well these beautiful Yankees have a man in scoring position for Derek Jeter; this shit is straight out of a Disney movie, almost as if God (the funniest nigga ever) wrote the script himself & so I thought, “God wouldn’t fuck with me like this, not today, not this way, not with Derek Jeter and then IT HAPPENED AGAIN!

Derek Jeter, the guy who is known as Mr. November, the guy who is known for “the flip” in Oakland, the guy who dove face first into the stands against those asshole Red Sox, was going to go out the only way he should. THAT Jeter, in his final at bat, in his last game ever at The Stadium, the last time anyone would hear Bob Sheppard’s voice announce anyone ever, the last time number 2 would be dawned in pinstripes; got the walk off hit. Again, cynics aside because I will not allow you assholes to take that moment away from me, IT HAPPENED. That moment gave me such a feeling, easily the best moment I’ve enjoyed as a sports fan. How could I dare say that about a regular season game for a team who wasn’t going to the playoffs & a franchise that has won 5 championships in my lifetime? Simple, it was a culmination of all the great moments & feelings that Jeter and the Yankees have given me wrapped in one. Indulge me if you will (as if you have a choice cuz you chose to read this). The person you love the most is moving to another country forever; how would you feel? You’d relive every up & down, every emotion they’ve ever evoked and you’d think with your heart and feel all of this in your mind. Now you see the plane return because of an unforeseen unmitigated disaster, only to have this loved one fix the issue as they always have. Beloved then takes the pilot seat and flies everyone safely to their destination. Get the picture?

What more can I say about Derek Jeter that hasn’t been said? I can only strive for excellence in the manner which he excelled, inspire people the way he inspire me to write this book and ultimately be praised a GOD for the years of pristine brilliance is he has. Until I am this GOD, I’ll accept who I am…