Video: So Beyonce Thinks She’s Nice In Pool, Huh?

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Aside from Beyonce being a huge shit talker, the beautiful songstress is chewing the HELL out of that gum lol. I like to see the goofy side of a beautiful lady. Jay? You lucky son of a gun lol!

Video: A Friendly Game Of ’21’ With J.Cole, 2 Chainz, French Montana & Waka Flocka

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While in New Mexico for the Club Paradise Tour, J.Cole, 2 Chainz, French Montana & Waka Flocka (I wonder if Sherbert can ball) engage in a friendly, but competitive game of 21. I saw Meek Mill post a picture of this on Instagram a couple days back and wondered if the video would ever surface. Guess I got my answer. Ahhh, the days of playing 21 after school at the park. I was NICE. Well not really, but I was fast lol. The Club Paradise Tour hits the Gexa Energy Pavilion tonight in Dallas, Texas. BE THERE!


Video: Entourage: Ari Gold & Lloyd

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One of the great things about Entourage is the wonderful dynamic between Ari Gold and Lloyd. Though Ari is EXTREMELY disrespectful to his faithful assistant, Lloyd’s verbal shield against Ari’s crude banter made the exchanges that much more entertaining to watch.

Video: Entourage: Ari Vs Eric

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While these aren’t ALL the best of Ari Vs E moments, this montage of morning phone call exchanges between the two will suffice. A true fan will remember each of these scenes. Yep, I’m going to continue post clips from this show until I can’t find anything to reminisce on. Enjoy!

Video: Entourage: The Final Scene

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As you’ve been seeing over the past couple of weeks I’ve been posting the “Best Of…” clips from Ari Gold’s run on Entourage. While I was about to post the FINAL scene where Ari and his wife are posted up at their beautiful estate in Italy and Ari receives THE call, I figured it made more sense to post the FULL close out instead of just THAT scene. So many thoughts, questions, feelings, ideas and theories watching this shit.

Video: Best Of Ari Gold: Season 3

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Yep, more Ari Gold entertainment! Boy do I miss Entourage!

Video: Cocky 17 Year Old Gets Ruined In A Rap Battle…..By His English Teacher

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17 Year Old Blizzard is a MC from Manchester who’s freestyle rap battles have created quite a storm over here in the UK. Well, his next opponent was his English teacher. Yerp, you heard that right. The duo certainly had a few things to say to eachother but the CLEAR winner is the English Teacher who as you’d expect comes through with the dope vocab.

Video: New York Giants – I Got A Ring (He Got One Too)

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Last night I posted the unofficial version of “I Got A Ring (He Got One Too)” via Youtube, but today TMZ comes through with the CRISP CDQ version of it lol. Ahhhh, how sweet it is!! New York Giants, BITCH!!!


Video: So I Played Ball @ Madison Square Garden Last Week……

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*Disclaimer I scored at the 6:15, blew a lay up at the 7:10 mark, but knocked another jumper down at the 7:28 mark*

Crazy right? A lil ol blogger played a pick up game of basketball last week at Madison Square Garden courtesy of Foot Locker’s #HottestMonthEver campaign showcasing their new fancy footwork for the month of February. The homies, Dallas Pen, Aqua, Jamal, Ron Stew, Jayson Rodriguez and some other cool folks were in attendance as well.

This shit was extra surreal to me because I started out wanting to play in the NBA when I was in grade school. I played ball all the way uo to my last year in high school, but ceased play after I lost love for the game. Regardless, my dream was always to play in The Garden. A nigga was really playing on the same floor Reggie Miller showed the NY Knicks that time is never a factor lol. Where John Starks POSTERIZED the fuck outta MJ and his boys. Man I could go on and on. I’m just very grateful and humbled by the opportunity to even be in the building. They really called my name over the loud speakers! How crazy is that tho??? Big shouts to the great folks over at Foot Locker for allowing me the chance to be apart of this epic day!

Papa LowKey is going to freak when he see’s this shit lol.

RESPECT: Dallas Pen

Video: Grandmother & Grandson Perform Tyga’s “Rack City”

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THIS. IS. FUCKING. HILARIOUS! Despite the lil terd mouthing “Nigger” a couple times, I love this. And the fact he got his Grandmother to dance for 2:31 is EPIC. Not only that but she was COOKING. Looks like you’re a household name now, Tyga.

RESPECT: Tom (You find the weirdest shit, dude)