Sherman’s 50: Dag Savage – Cali Dreamin’ (ft. Fashawn & Co$$) [#43]

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Johaz & Exile had to make my list. The duo who make up Dag Savage and last month they dropped their Salvation mixtape which served as a build up for their EP which we shall get next month. On the tape there was some great records but the buzz record Cali’ Dreamin which was released as a special 7″ vinyl just wins it for me on their spot on the 50 list.

Joined by Fashawn & Co$$ the LA Producer Exile & San Diego mic ripper Johaz definitely put together a dope record here and you can stream the video up top.

Sherman’s 50: Joe Cool – I Wanna Sell Drugs [#44]

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9 days into 2012 Joe Cool gave us the official visuals for his addictive track I Wanna Sell Drugs. 10 days later he released his epic Cooley Hi mixtape. Overall it was a great kick start to the year for my man. He then lived off the buzz from this record and a few others until we were given more music. Dude certainly knows how to make some smooth music.

The video (above) has a dope concept which shows the struggles of an independent artist who needs to find another way to make money, in the end Joe Cool sells himself and the rhymes which he breaks down. Dope shit. Here is to another great January..

Sherman’s 50: ScHoolboy Q – Blessed (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [#45]

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Do I really need to say much about this song? Set your minds back to January and you will remember this being released onto the interweb. I remember pressing play on this the first time, I was sat in my old crib with a cigarette and a JD & coke, this shit had me hooked INSTANTLY. It feels like it has been out for years but really folks, it dropped this year. It was nearly swept under the rug but I dug it out and am here to remind you what a great track this is.

Out of every song I have planned for this list I would say this one probably had the biggest effect on me, stay blessed…

Sherman’s 50: Sir Michael Rocks – GED (ft. Tris J) [#46]

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Number 46 in my top 50 countdown comes from Sir Michael Rocks who is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. His Lap Of Lux project certainly done no harm in cementing him into my list. There were a few tracks that stood out from that project but the GED collab with Tris J was the one that stood out the most. The official visual directed by David Muniz put the icing on the cake for me as it is shot in sunny Miami and really makes it a good feel song. Type of shit you could be led in the sun bumping whilst staring at some Spanish booty whilst sippin on some San Miguel. Dope song and that is why it enters my top 50 list.

Sherman’s 50: Juicy J – Bandz A Make Her Dance (ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz) [#47]

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Juicy J dropped a monster of a single this year with Bandz A Make Her Dance. Say what you want about it but if this does not get you hyped I don’t know what will. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz on the feature does not do ANY harm either. The strip club influenced track definitely helped build the anticipation for his Taylor Gang debut Stay Trippy.

Sherman’s 50: Jaye – Everything Trill [#48]

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The first track from my 50 list today comes from Chi-Town’s Jaye. We got this song back in January but 6 months later the video surfaced and I stuck to it like shit to a blanket. The track which appeared on his Fly Mob EP was one that definitely saw ALOT of rotation on my iTunes and for a long time it was the perfect shit to chill out and smoke too.

The video see’s the Illinois native draped in gold and surrounded by his crew, sounds boring I know but think again as half naked chicks and some trippy ass pictures are thrown about to add to the effect. Just pause the video at the 1:19 mark and tell me that don’t creep you out.

Jaye bounced off this record and after his Fly Mob EP done it’s rounds it was time for his FIAT LVX tape. All told it’s been a nice little year for Jaye, let’s hope next year blows this one out of the water.

Sherman’s 50: Future – Same Damn Time [#49]

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Track #2 of the night and last one today from my list is from Future and his street favorite Same Damn Time. You can say what you want about Future but you can NOT deny the dude has had one hell of a year. Even though I struggle to understand what comes out from his mouth this shit fucking rings off in a club, even still as I found out last night. This and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire is not a good mix, I will warn you folks, you will end up doing some shit you WILL regret even if it seems like a good idea at the time LOL. The Sonny Digital produced single lived on his April released album Pluto which only a few weeks ago was followed up by the Pluto 3D album.

NOTE: I do know this track originally lived on his Streetz Calling mixtape which was released in 2011 but it was pushed as an official single this year so that’s what I am going for.

Sherman’s 50: J.A.E. – Throwed [#50]

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Man, the holiday season is closing in on us and before you even know it it will be upon us and I will be swiggin’ down a Baileys on the rocks with a King Edward cigar in front of an open fire, ahhh, the life! Soon after the Baileys swigging stops after Christmas it will be time to restart for new year, to save you counting it is 24 days until that clock strikes 12 and we celebrate a new year in life and music. So, I have decided to start this, Sherman’s 50. 50 tracks that have claimed my iTunes over this year in music.

The list is in NO ORDER, I literally have 50 songs penned down and will pick two random numbers out a hat everyday to decide which songs will be posted. It wont all be from signed artists either as you can tell today as we get the ball rolling with this from my man J.A.E., this shit was the PERFECT promo track for his Fruition mixtape. I remember when the video dropped and I sat there watching it and was impressed with the dude, I been a follower of his movement for quite sometime and to see his fanbase grow and grow is an honor. Low has even hosted a release party for the kid so I am sure he is a supporter of us, ain’t that how this game goes? So J.A.E., take it away sir.