Video: Action Bronson’s Hawaiian Getaway

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Action was a guest of RVCA at their house on the North Shore to witness the Pipeline Masters surfing competition, and he curated a little barbecue for a group of surfers as well as played a show in Honolulu. In between all the rapping, grilling, and surfing, we made it to Kahuku Superette, the finest purveyor of poke on Oahu. It was a life-changing moment for Action, and its effects are still felt nine months later. With a slight lull in touring for Mr. Wonderful, Action decided to whip up some poke of his own, as well as a vegan version with golden beets that’s so good, everyone who eats it will want to proclaim you king for the day.

Video: Macklemore & @JLAPuma Go Sneaker Shopping

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Macklemore and JLP hit the shop up for some kicks and conversation.

Video: @DJClarkKent Advises EVERY Rapper To Never Diss @Pusha_T

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DJ Clark Kent stopped by Its The Real’s “A Waste Of Time” podcast and gave an entertaining PSA about WHY EVERY RAPPER WITH A PULSE should NOT test Pusha’s rhyme skills. Listen to the DJ Clark Kent on “A Waste Of Time,” here! 

Video: @RuleYork: “50 Won The Battle On Wax, I Won In The Streets…..”

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Rule sits with Sean Evans on an episode of First We Feast as the two devour some of the hottest hot wings around while tackling some HOT topics which include Rule’s beef with Fif, his stint in jail, media stereo types and plenty more.

Video: 97 Seconds With Tink

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97 Seconds with rap’s hottest new female spitter, Tink!

Video: @OldManEbro Responds To The Breakfast Club & Defends Funk Flex

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Ok so you’re caught up to date with this Meek Mill/Funk Flex Vs. Drake fiasco right? Oh you’re not? Read this because I’m not going through the entire rundown. So last night, Funkmaster Flex had the country eating out of his hands as he was SUPPOSED to be blasting off a Meek Mill response/interview/or both at 7pm. He made the announcement via his IG this weekend saying it was coming and the hip-hop world speculated the damage that might be done to Drake had Meek came correct.

So we lined up on our computers Monday night at 7pm and awaited those explosions that we’re accustom to hearing during these situations. But, there were no explosions. Instead, we heard the sounds of “Posed To Be” as that was the top song on the countdown to start Flex’s show. There was no indication from Meek’s side that he was either IN the building or had the record ready to go for prime time action, which made all of us question whether or not Flex had the ammo to set the internets on fire.

We continued to wait. The countdown continued on. Frustration grew and grew and grew throughout the night. Some thought they were being trolled, others predicted these exact actions saying Flex wouldn’t debut the response until at LEAST an hour into his show. Then Flex came on. We heard the laugh and a mini growl. He skimmed over the topic at hand and suggested that tonight would be a “Fun night.” There was hope. He even shouted out MMG President, Young Sav suggesting that a record was either ON the way or sitting in his inbox (i forgot) giving us hope that the night would be eventful.

We continued to wait. We continued to grow MORE impatient. We all thought that if this was going down tonight, Flex of all people would be setting the scene properly with some of Meek and Drake’s hottest lyrical efforts. Giving us the energy we needed to withstand what was coming. Nothing. Folks started to checkout. I started to drink Whisky at my desk. I was confused. And even the though in the back of my mind I thought this could be a ploy to snatch some major ratings, I wanted to believe that Flex had “the record” and was waiting for the proper moment to blast off.

We CONTINUED to wait. And then it happened. We heard “The Intro” (Dreams & Nightmares intro for the lost ones). “It was TIME….”, we all thought and said to ourselves. BUT, NOTHING. It was more Future being played. More Fetty Wap. More J.Cole. More Natalie Rose. And not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with those records, but at THIS moment in time? We wanted NOTHING to do with those club hits. We were waiting for the HIGH VOLUME VOCAL RANGE of Meek Mill and his response to Drake’s “Charged Up.”

As I began to mentally close down for the night, Meek’s tour DJ, DJ Bran tweeted the closing remarks for the night, “Ain’t Nothing On HOT 97 tonight, b.” That’s it. Party done. Go home. Nothing to see here. We waited two hours before that final message came through. Disappointment seeped through the world wide web as folks became disgusting at Flex’s antics. Now of course, we don’t have full intel on what may have went wrong between Flex and the MMG camp but an explanation from Flex’s side, since he’s the one who let the bomb off that Monday at 7pm was when things would heat up, would have sufficed.

Tuesday morning comes and NOW NYC’s competing radio stations are at each other’s heads. Ebro and the team, as you can see above, came to Flex’s defense for last night’s actions as I’m sure they always do and were prepared to do. But it was Charlamange Tha God giving Flex “Donkey Of The Day” that prompted Ebro to take center stage aggressively addressing the trio on the other side of town. So not only his this a Meek Vs Drake thing, it has now turned into a Power 105 Vs HOT 97 thing as well. But given Flex’s behavior last night, it was only a matter of time before we heard The Breakfast Club’s two cents about the issue

Last but not least? We got THIS out of everything that has transpired so far. God, aren’t we lucky.

Video: @EbroInTheAM Wants To Know Are You Entertained By @Drake Vs. @MeekMill

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I heard this discussion on the way into work this morning but didn’t hear it in full. Ebro and The Morning Show team have inquired are we entertained by Drake and Meek’s currently lyrical squabble. Meek let off a couple rounds of tweets a couple days ago claiming Drake doesnt pen his own raps. It’s been well documented that Aubrey has had some assistance with his lyrics so there’s no real surprise there. It was Meek’s claim and aggression about the matter that shocked us and the entire game. Some think the root of the issue is Drake didnt come to Meek’s welcome home show in Philly. Other may think it’s because of the lack of support Drake showed Meek’s sophomore album. We’re not entirely clear on WHAT started this but Drake returned fire with “Charged Up” which debuted on Beats 1 this Saturday. So here we are, 3 hours before Meek takes center stage on Funkmaster Flex’s show to either discuss the issue via an interview OR unleash bars aimed at the Canadian’s dome. I’m here for it ALL!

Video: REVOLT Confession: The Game

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The Game gets candid with the REVOLT for their new web series, REVOLT Confession. The Documentary 2 is on the way.

Video: @WizKhalifa – DayToday: Boys Of Zummer [Ep.3]

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Episode 3 of Wiz’s DayToday series from his Boys Of Zummer tour.

New Music: Big Cheeze – Bad Behavior

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Bay Area rapper Big Cheeze serves up his latest single “Bad Behavior” and also liberates the official behind the scenes footage of him and French Montana’s collab “Straight To Bizzness. Hit the jump for the VLOG. Read More