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Future Finally Releases “Where Ya At” Video Featuring Drake

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After getting a behind the scenes look, Future drops his visuals to, Where Ya At. With Drake making an appearance, was it worth the hype?

Video: @alessiacara Covers Drake’s “Hotline Bling” (Acoustic Version)

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Canada’s own Alessia Cara recently did an acoustic version of Drake’s track “Hotline Bling”. Check out the performance above. Her new EP, Four Pink Walls, is slated to release on August 28th.

Video: Behind The Scenes Of Future’s “Where You At?” Video Featuring Drake

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First they served us a trailer of the clip, now we have some candid footage of “Where You At” with Drake. DS2 is out now.

Yes, Drake Is Obviously Just As Invincible As Jay Z

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Alright so I was on the train on my way to work aka the place I’m not trying to be, & Light Up came on. I thought to myself, “Is Drake Just As Invincible As Jay Z?” or is this just some bullshit thought? Well I this is exactly what I thought about…

June 25, 1996 something special hit the streets of New York City. Little did we know Shawn Corey Carter would make waves with his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. The album was put into the streets & was basically gold by the end of 1996 then certified platinum in 2002. Almost 20 years later, Jay Z is one of the most feared, talented, & business savy artist in the industry. I mean the guy is worth HALF A BILLION, thats a five & a lot of zeros. Jay has had his fair share of destroying careers, belittling careers, & overall beef. To list a few artist we have Prodigy, Dipset, Funk Flex, Lil Wayne, Nas, N.O.R.E, Dame Dash, Beans, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Fox News, Robert De Niro, & finally to the point DRAKE. 99% of the names listed are either burned out or are no longer relevant & guess who still is. Does Jay Z ever lose? Through all the beef, controversy, & scandals does this rap god ever take a loss? No he does not, & currently who does that remind you of? Why of course the 6 God himself, Mr. Drizzy Drake.

February 19th, 2009 the second coming occurs, & this time its different. Aubrey Drake Graham, an actor from the cult classic teen Canadian television show, Degrassi changes everything with his prolific mixtape, “So Far Gone“. He would eventually release Thank Me Later & become one of the select few artist still hitting platinum status. Today, Drake is worth 75 Million at 28 years old with FOUR platinum albums, & more number one hits than anyone. With record sales declining, & the rise of the streaming age, this is a great feat. Drake has also had his share of beef in his short but prolific career so far. We have Tyga, Diddy, Pusha T, Luda, Common, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, & yes to the point, JAY Z. I just want to touch on a couple situations. Drake was clearly the Grim Reaper of Tyga’s career & had Twitter in shambles. Yeah Diddy hit Drake, but who is Diddy? Luda has his time. Common? Common obviously got his sense back. Chris Brown? Drake had Rihanna in his bed & was “married to her for two weeks” apparently. Legal action against Drake just doesn’t hit him hard because he always beats the case like Jay did in the early 2000’s. Look, its pretty insane when Drake & Jay Z collaborate, we get something timeless. I feel like a kid again, well I still am a kid but I grew up listening to Jay Z. If you listen closely to Light Up, you can hear the past & future making the present. Looking back to 2009, could you have predicted this?

Between Jay Z & Drake, the two have more W’s than the 1998 Yankees. (114 W’s) With all eyes on Drake, has his feud with Meek made him seem less of an artist or levitated him more into rap royalty? Well, think about it. Drake knows what he’s doing, especially with with VFT6 due out in September & Back To Back being a street single in a sense, he heightened awareness of the album. If you live under a rock, Back To Back aka strike two against Meek, showed the world who really runs shit out here. Did Jay take a loss when Ether dropped? Hell no! 9 platinum albums later, the baddest chick in the industry, & half a billion later, who really won? Jay knew what to do with his beef with Nas too, & it worked exactly the same way. Taking it in another direction, too much beef doesn’t turn out too well. 50 Cent is a prime example of starting beef to sell records. Anyway, I’m starting to believe Drake is just as invincible as Jay Z, & its a scary, yet exciting feeling. I want you guys to think, I want you guys to think about these changing times in this great Hip Hop culture because the torch has finally been passed. I need ALL my old heads to know its 2015 too, you should be just excited as the new generation.

Just some thoughts..

– Chris

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Stream: Drake – OVO Sound Radio (Episode 3)

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Yesterday, the third episode of Drake’s OVO Sound Radio premiered! This particular episode featured an exclusive mix from DJ Esco and Metro Boomin. The explicit version of that mix can be streamed on SoundCloud below. For the full OVO stream, check out the Apple music link below.


New Music: @AssaultRifleAB – “Back To Back” Freestyle (Meek Mill Diss)

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Philly’s AR-Ab recently let loose this new Meek Mill diss track and goes in over Drake’s “Back To Back” freestyle. Listen below!

Video: @1Future ft. @Drake – Where Ya At (Teaser)

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I’m not mad at how fast Future is churning out these visuals from DS2. “Where Ya At” is up next.

As An Artist, Where Are You?

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The future of Hip Hop is eminent for growth & sources from Spotify say, rap is the most popular genre on the planet. This is no surprise due to the fast pace of the Internet. Rap artist drop songs everyday on their respective platforms, so as an artist where are you? Where is your music going? Who is your music reaching? Lastly, what is your message? As clichè as this may sound, there are no new lanes in this industry. The leaders who are creating the new lanes are part of something bigger than the music & that’s a whole other discussion. You as an artist have so much to live for. People follow you to gain inspiration & contribute to their emotional well being. This is pretty serious business here & unfortunately there are not too many artist who understand this. For example, why do we listen to Drake? Why is Drake so popular? (Think for 5 seconds) Well, I’ll give you the answer: He’s versatile & relatable. We all need love, he supplies it. We all need a turn up, he supplies it. We all need inspiration, he supplies it. Let me remind you, Drake is an entertainer. He acts, sings, raps, occasionally produces, & breaks our favorite artist. He’s one step ahead & let’s be reminded, it’s brains over beauty. Let’s take another example, Future. Future isn’t doing anything new, he’s flooding the streets with mixtapes. Think about it, Lil Wayne did that & got the same results: EVERYONE LOVED HIM, INCLUDING THE STREETS. Future supplies the hustle to our ears. He inspires us to get out there & get this money we KNOW we need. Their message is clear, where their music is going is clear, where their music is taking them is clear. Now, compare. What are you missing as an artist? When we figure that out, let’s talk business.

Just some thoughts..

– Chris

Check Out Drake In His Acura Days With His 2004 Documentary “Unscripted”

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Drake is all the hype right now, & possibly the most known artist on the planet right now. Lets take a step back to his humble beginnings before any Comeback Season or So Far Gone Mixtape. This is the Drizzy we know back in 2004, yes 2004 when Degrassi was poppin on The N. Man those were the days but hey, Drake seems no different from the rest of us in this documentary. He’s just a kid with dreams & even says Pharrell is his biggest idol which is surprising considering they’ve never collaborated on anything to my knowledge. Well, hope you enjoy the 17 minute documentary on a teen Drake, I know I see him a bit differently now.

The Latest OVO Signee, Roy Wood$ Drops His Debut Project “EXIS”

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If you need powerful vocals, this is where you need to be. Roy Wood$ is bringing the essence of Michael Jackson back to life little by little & everyone is catching on fast. Yes, we do have The Weeknd but I do believe Roy Wood$ will duke it out in the end. EXIS is going to show the world Roy’s potential & with a solo feature from Drake, the possibilities are endless. The latest OVO signee is only 19 years old with so much more to come, check out EXIS above & enjoy something new yet powerful.