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Album: Jahshua Smith – The Final Season

February 5, 2013 |  by  |  ALBUMS  |  No Comments

After his video for “Censored” made waves across the ‘Net with its controversial topics, Jahshua Smith has teamed with YouHeardThatNew for his new album, The Final Season. As the Detroit native’s first effort outside of his old moniker JYoung The General, Jahshua uses the opportunity to showcase his layered persona. “Censored” and “Say The Words” tackle issues such as systematic racism and sexual abuse, while lighter songs like “Butt” and “Carry On” brim with carefree energy.

Download/stream The Final Season below!

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LP: Nickelus F – Vices

January 21, 2013 |  by  |  MUSIC  |  No Comments

Interesting cover and tracklisting labeling for Nickelus F’s latest release, Vices.

DOWNLOAD: LP: Nickelus F – Vices


LP: Alumni (Franc Grams & Jus Cuz) – First Day Back

October 8, 2012 |  by  |  MUSIC  |  No Comments

“First Day Back” a feeling of of music that was more so missed for a while… A passion for the game that seemed to come out absent for so long, the fun with the music, the love for the game, the respect for the craft, the joy of the production, real music, hip hop…etc. This project embodies all of that, from the vibe, soul, feel, to the artistry…. This is the first day back.

DOWNLOAD: LP: Alumni (Franc Grams & Jus Cuz) – First Day Back


LP: D-WHY – Don’t Flatter Yourself

August 16, 2012 |  by  |  MIXTAPES, MUSIC  |  1 Comment

Two years in the making right here! D-WHY finally introduces us to his carefully crafted Don’t Flatter Yourself project. 17 original tracks with production from Hit-Boy, D.Miles, Boi-1da, SongVibe, Marcus D’Tray and more. Tracklist and download link, below!

DOWNLOAD: D-WHY – Don’t Flatter Yourself


LP: tabi Bonney – The Endless Summer

May 22, 2012 |  by  |  ALBUMS, MUSIC  |  No Comments

tabi Bonney re-ups on his The Endless Summer project. This is pretty much the deluxe edition to his 2011 release of The Summer Years. Tracklisting and download link, below!

DOWNLOAD: LP: tabi Bonney – The Endless Summer

LP: Nefarious! – The Dream Theory [Instrumental]

April 23, 2012 |  by  |  ALBUMS, INSTRUMENTALS, MUSIC  |  No Comments

Of course I’m fond of instrumental projects as you guys may know, but I’m also fond of discovering new producers who are doing them. We have the Best Of Both Worlds with this post right here. I don’t have any information on where this guy is from, but you can do your homework on his product via his BandCamp page. The Dream Theory seems like it’s aimed in the romantic lane as the beats are very soothing and reflective. As always, I lay my favorite one out for you to gage if you want to download the entire project or not. Tracklisting and download link, below!

DOWNLOAD: Nefarious! – Oceans (Wavy)

1.) A Way With You
2.) Her Melody
3.) Higher
4.) The Dreamer
5.) Tolerance Break
6.) Oceans (Wavy)
7.) Lovely You

DOWNLOAD: LP: Nefarious – The Dream Theory [Instrumental]

LP: Dustin Prestige – Plaid

March 20, 2012 |  by  |  ALBUMS, MUSIC  |  1 Comment

Our man Dustin Prestige is back with his latest effort Plaid. 12 new and original songs. Tracklist and download link, below!

DOWNLOAD: LP: Dustin Prestige – Plaid