How to Put Light on Christmas Tree

If you want to know how to put light on Christmas tree it can be simple and it can be very simple or very complicated. For instance, if you put a small light inside the tree so it shines every night in the early evening the whole family will enjoy it and then you can take away the lights on Christmas morning. If you choose to do this, make sure that the lights are not attached to anything and are just hanging on the tree and the branches. You also need to keep some small pieces of ribbon attached near the lights so it will add a little sparkle. Here are some more suggestions on how to put light on Christmas tree:

how to put light on christmas tree

With your Christmas tree bought, trim the lower part of the tree so that the bare branches will not touch the lights. To put light on Christmas tree you can use small flower buds as the base of the bulbs. Another idea would be to hang light strings from the lowest branches of the tree to the upper part of the branches. Use bulbs of many colors to accent the night with lights. If you put bulbs of different colors together they will give a good effect.

Another trick on how to put light on Christmas tree is to put small bulbs beside the branch where you will attach the light. To add up the effect you can bend the bulbs and place them near the tips of the branches. Some other suggestions are the type of bulbs used, for instance you can use tiny bulbs as your light or you can also use full blown bulbs. If you choose the latter, make sure that they will glow as the night falls and are not too small. If the branches get too low, the bulbs will be too dim and not emit enough light. Use only medium or even large bulbs.