Eminence Front – Who Video Girl Is the Best?

In a press release, these young ladies from the “Emmi-Front” gave their reason for entering the contest. They are truly gifted and ambitious and eager to join the upper echelon of the video industry. To their credit, they were also careful enough to provide reasons as to why they chose the contest and how the competition would help them reach their goals. Some of the responses included:

– Having people’s attention: “We see the TV every night. We always see the same faces, no one looks different than the others”. – Who is an angel: “I’m not just a pretty face. I am the main star of the show and I have to be one”. – Being able to show our talents: “Our talent might be missing. This contest will let us use our talents for the viewers”.

Some of the answers of the eminence front all came out perfectly and some did not, but this does not mean that the crowd in the hall for the contest did not appreciate the answer of the eminence front girls. They seemed to enjoy the overall reason they were chosen for the contest. For example, saying “I’m the best thing out there“, became a rage in the crowd. Because they did not get any technical answers in their answers, people from the audience on both sides gave the girls prizes for their talents. In fact, when they were presented with prizes by the cameras, people applauded to show their appreciation.