Top 10 Minecraft Mods

With Minecraft modding is becoming more popular, I thought I would put together a top 10 list of minecraft mods that you should check out. These mods will help you to explore worlds in a new way. I will give you my personal favorites. They all have different features and all are very well done.

I really like the mod, it has a way to make grass grow. It has improved water sources, improved mining, an improved crafting grid, improved potions, and other exciting features. Another top ten mod that I really like is the Twilight Forest. You can find all kinds of enchantments in this mod and if you use the official version you will find that they are balanced with another mod. It is also customizable, and once you’ve gotten all the animals, you can start creating your own world.

There are also some very nice add ons for the Official Minecraft that makes the game even more entertaining. One mod I really like is the launcher that shows you where all of the mobs are spawning and what they are doing. There are also some pretty cool buildings you can build, and if you’re creative you can make your own. There are also a ton of mods that can be downloaded for free from the minecraft website. This just shows how big of a fan you really are of this wonderful game.