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samsung refrigerator

Just needed to take every little thing out of my Samsung RF28HDEDBSR and thaw out the fan to get it to stop making a horrible noise. Thawing our the ice machine is a bi-month-to-month endeavor. I want to be added to the Samsung Refrigerator icemaker lawsuit.

samsung refrigerator

Does the Samsung fridge work with Iphone?

Samsung is statistically one of the most reliable products sold. However, they have a separate set of issues that may be worse. Unfortunately, Samsung is also now the most widely sold brand in the US. That’s one of their main problems because service does not often follow sales volume.

I don’t want to fully restore them until I know it’s not going to leak anymore. Please send me info on the way to get added.

Never shopping for Samsung merchandise once more. Samsung Model RF28HFEDB bought three/7/16. The equipment technician said the ice maker has a defective part, and has been changing this part every day. I am nonetheless having a problem, and he stated to look into this Class Action Lawsuit.

I paid too much cash for a fridge that does this. I even have the ice maker points as described by others on my mannequin RF23J9011 flex refrigerator.

I actually have the same ice maker drawback that needs to be defrosted each 2 weeks. Microwave it and with a towel to hold it, I put it up flat underneath the ice maker. About 2-three occasions till that bottom half is defrosted. I need to return this fridge and get a refund. I actually have the identical concern with my Samsung fridge.

We have spent almost $four hundred on a Samsung appliance company to try and restore it only to have it continue to have same issues after every week or two. Please add me to the class action lawsuit. I have a RF23HCEDBSR/AA model and it has given us issues since we bought it. The fan freezes up and starts making loud noises. We need to defrost it each couple of months and now the ice maker has stopped working and the temperature is too warm and meals spoils.

I am bored with scrapping ice from my ice maker and placing scorching water to receiver to soften ice. Also uninterested in removing the inside again panel to take away ice block. Please add me to the lawsuit, I am having issues with my Samsung model#RF23HCEDBSR/AA. Particularly the ice maker and cooling.

Have a mannequin RF23HCEDBSR/AA have had the ice maker off for final year and a half. I am using the fridge I received at no cost in the basement to make ice. Samsung provides no help I even have Samsung fridge , washer , dryer, range , tv’s.

I will gladly join in a category action suit. Leaking water, no ice then crushed ice as an alternative of cubes, loud fan.

I haven’t seen any motion since June 2019. I’ve been ready for what seems like ever. I’m uninterested in my ice maker not working and water continually freezing under the pull out drawer.

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