Is a Pool Deck in Your Top 10?

It is my honest opinion that the answer to the question “Is it in your top 10” is always yes. The important thing about having something in your home is how the memories are created by the guest and how you enjoy the experience once the guests are gone. Remember, if something looks old, it is old! I am not going to sell you on anything, because when you decide to build a deck it is time to make a decision on what you are going to use it for, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

I think the best way to build a pool deck is to be flexible with where it will be located. That means that you may have a deck that is very high up on a house, and it will serve to be the perfect spot for watching the fireworks, but would look a little odd in front of the fireplace or in the kitchen area. You want to make sure that the different elements of your home work well together.

The other thing that should be noted is that a pool deck will add value to your home. Not only does it add beauty, but it also has a strong impact on how you are perceived in the eyes of your guests. No matter where the pool deck is, guests are often drawn to the water. Plus, you can always use it as a dramatic conversation piece and you will never be too old to be surprised.